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Thread: The best website for railfans

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    Smile The best website for railfans

    I am wondering how is the best website for railfans. Please, give me your opinion.
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    This is it. You're here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pedrop View Post
    I am wondering how is the best website for railfans. Please, give me your opinion.
    this one is okay ...

    the best is trainorders.com
    but it is not free
    Will MacKenzie
    Flamborough, ON

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    I quite like this one, but also enjoy trainorders.com.

    This one is free, and has better photography. Trainorders.com has more nostalgia type posts and photographs, which I enjoy, and a bit more professional railroad discussion, as opposed to railfan.

    They're both about the same for railfan news. This one is slightly more western/northwestern focused (again, which I like) and Trainorders.com more California focused.

    Overall, I really like both and highly recommend both.

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    Most of the rail forums have nazis moderating it one way or another. If you're not counting enough nuts and bolts, adios muchacho. Not too much hard line moderating here though.

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    I think this site is pretty nifty.

    Different cake. Just as sweet.

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    I've been here almost forever. It's my main RR site. I also frequent the sister model rr forum. I was on trainorders for awhile, but it got a little too hung up on itself, and needing to reduce my www frustration factors I dropped it. Some good folks but a lot of idiots. I'm also on a yahoo regional rr site. It is good for some local info but poorly formatted. I use it for local news and heads-up info mostly. If I post a pic, I'll post here and post a link over on yahoo. The are also several Facebook groups, one I like is Railroad Photography. Photo quality is all over the map, but the variety is great. Due to the volume of posts, threads roll off quickly. And without categories, it tends to be free for all in subject matter.

    For quality RR photography, this is probably one of the best if not the best site.
    More pics in Kenw's Gallery

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    This place and Rail Pictures are my two top every day favorites!
    For regional i like Train Foamers and So Cal Railfan.
    Yardlimits is a great site from the labor side of things.

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    I think this one is one of the best. It doesn't seem to matter what train related website you are on because they all get the same news around the same time. I have noticed that this site is deferentially Pacific Northwest biased especially when it comes to the news. Not that it's a bad thing since I used to live in Washington and love to keep up on the news.

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