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    Back to the future! Folks, my website has finally been updated for the new year. I've been going through various solutions to combat the mobile and tablet user problems with Adobe Flash. I have chosen to abandon Simple Viewer, and go back to old fashioned HTML. It doesn't cost anything, and with a simple format, it still looks fine.

    I have a selection of photos from Amtrak, Union Pacific, and the Sierra Northern's last run up entire length the Santa Cruz Branch. You'll also find some creeks, fall colors, seals, pretty faces, surf, piers and bridges. Some new and some old favorites.

    Take a look when you have a moment.

    Sam Reeves Photography

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    Very nice website.. I'm curious as to what railroad you had Becky on with the trestle & bridge in the background??

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    I'm curious also about the model on the bridge. Hope there was no
    trains in the area.
    Also like the Amtrak shot surrounded by all that water. That is a great
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    Ha ha! Thanks. FYI, it's a little used line, so no worries.

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