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Thread: does anyone know mechanical car people in England/Europe?

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    Default does anyone know mechanical car people in England/Europe?

    This year I hope to take a couple trips to Europe and I am looking for mechanical people to talk shop with. I am a mechanical instructor for a class 1 railroad in the usa; I develop and provide training to our trainers and directly to the Carmen. I worked as a Carmen for 17 years before I got this position.

    I am interested in learning how the railroads in Europe do things, and would love to find a few people doing the same job, instructors or Carmen. It would be even better if I could arrange a visit while in Europe, of course I would love to have them visit me in Chicago. Does anyone know of people interested in this sort of thing?

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    Car inspection and repair is quite a bit different in Europe. I think that'd be some interesting conversations.

    I'd suggest starting with the big car owners, like VTG. The car owners typically are more involved in inspection and repair than the carriers.

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    Thanks for the reply! I would love to contact them directly, but this is an unofficial thing. I’m looking for someone who does the work, and would be interested in talking about it, off the clock.

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