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Thread: Some photos of my railfanning around the East Bay

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    Still seeing regular coal trains to Richmond for export

    Westbound Coal at Pinole by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    I have heard that MP 1 on the old SP Cal P was somewhere in the bay, as the original MP O for the SP was at the 3rd and Townsend HQ in San Francisco, and of course they used to ferry the trains across the bay to Oakland. I have no idea if UP realigned anything when they took over, but Hercules, where this shot was taken, is about 17 miles from Oakland, the train's final stop (Emeryville really),so it could be true.

    California Zephyr at Mile Post 21 by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    Our very wet winter continues...Here a red-tailed hawk faces off with a short stack train running along Christie siding in Franklin Canyon

    Face Off by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    I'm starting to feel like I am living back in the PNW. Water, water, everywhere...

    BNSF 8200 West by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    I was starting to wonder how you are doing with all the rain down there. When I lived in Sacramento in the early 80's a levee in the San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta collapsed while a Santa Fe freight was traveling on it. Locos and some cars went into the water.
    Bill Anderson, Mile Post 18 regular

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    No levee failures yet, but they have shut down a lot of services along the rivers as debris is becoming a big problem. More rain coming for the next 3 days.

    Dark and Stormy by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    Golden hour before the storm

    Twilight Manifest by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    We have had a heritage unit working the corridor trains for the last week or so. Here 822 heads the "San Joaquin" running 60 plus MPH through Holt California in the delta region between Stockton and Antioch California.

    Heritage on the San Joaquin by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    This is what ISO 1600 used to look like on my old 40D without shooting in the pouring rain. Alas, this is not camera noise but rain, and lots of it. I usually head up to the Sacramento NWR to shoot birds on the holiday, but I-5 and the town of Maxwell are flooded and all the areas are closed due to flooding as well, so I stuck around home, but just couldn't sit inside all day. I'm not crazy though, this was shot out the passenger window of my truck from the drivers seat, allowing me and the camera to stay nice and dry. Trains were rolling on slow orders due to flash flood warnings

    Rolling Through the Storm by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    The same pair of SD59MX's up close. They nicely got help at Hercules for Amtrak so I had a chance to get over to Pinole to catch them.

    SD59MX at Pinole Creek by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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