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Thread: Some photos of my railfanning around the East Bay

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    It doesn't show well in this shot, but the second unit is a freshly painted SD70MAC, so cream and green is starting to disappear.

    Sidelined at Esacalon by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    A better view of the SD70MAC

    Odd Couple by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    Been a long time since I have seen a BNSF freight consisting entirely of boxcars.

    Boxcars! by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    Crossing Avena by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    Great shots!
    Ed Schopperth

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    Quote Originally Posted by papio View Post
    Great shots!

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    It must be my week for old EMD's on the Stockton Sub. Here is another SD70MAC in need of a trip to Maaco

    Look out for Train Cops by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    A couple of miles away, another GE/EMD combo running along the bay

    Head of the Snake by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    I've always loved head on shots. With a full frame equivalent range of 24-600mm, my Sony RX10IV has really turned out to be the perfect railfan camera.

    Eastbound and Empty by lennycarl08, on Flickr

    It also works very well capturing the plethora of red-tails that hang out around the tracks in Franklin Canyon

    Hawk in Flight #108 by lennycarl08, on Flickr

    The Western Railway Museum recently acquired a couple of decidedly modern pieces to their collection. A San Diego Trolley Siemens-Duewag U2

    Long Way from Home by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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