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Thread: Some photos of my railfanning around the East Bay

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    Northbound half of the Corning Flyer, heading north toward Corning, near Willows California

    Northbound at Willows by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    Roll by at Rodeo

    Slow Roll By by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    I like the shot of the lone tree.
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    Leaving Christie and heading toward the tunnel in Franklin Canyon

    Out of the Shadows by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    Cotton Belt geep is still in the neighborhood

    Soldiering On... by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    Different angle on the SD59MX

    EMD's at Suisun City by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    Detail shot of a GP40-2

    UP 1372 by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    They have made some new trails lately that have given me some new vantage points

    Splitting the 3-Ways by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    From a recent rainy afternoon

    Tanks in the Rain by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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    According to this month's Trains magazine, this is THE highest priority train on the BNSF ( ZWSPNBY9 00, Willow Springs to North Bay ), which explains the crazy amount of extra power they always have.

    PrioritieZ at Collier by lennycarl08, on Flickr

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