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Thread: No railway trip through Scotland June/July 2010 (1/4, 50 p.)

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    Default No railway trip through Scotland June/July 2010 (1/4, 50 p.)


    Not much time to edit all recent photos, but here we go:

    By the end of June I went on a weeklong round trip through Scotland with friends, the plan was to take a rental car from Glasgow to Glasgow and to explore the country towards the north.

    We left Vienna on Friday, June 25, towards Gatwick by EasyJet and arrived at the airport station shortly before midnight:

    A FCC class 319 took us to East Croydon for the first short night.

    Here you can find the south London tram system

    Next morning

    For transfer to London Euston we chose the route via Victoria, here a view out of the window of our Southern EMU.


    And the Victoria line

    London Euston, shopping centre

    On the outward run we chose a Virgin Pendolino on the WCML.

    We were going where it was coming from!

    Here we were, Glasgow Central

    The airport bus is stopping right next to the central station, in 15 minutes we reached the airport car rental.

    We got a Peugeot 207 and drove it first on the motorway to Edinburgh, driving left made easy! ;-)
    View from the castle:

    Below the castle, shortly before entering Edinburgh Waverley main station

    The road entrance into the station

    A First Scotrail class 170 in front of the imposing castle and city backdrop

    Princes Street, tramway urgently needed and already half finished!

    Ross Fountain and the castle

    High life on the rails nearby, meeting of 4 DMUs, exactly timed!

    The mock tram in Princes Street

    Departure from Edinburgh station

    A roundabout inside the station, no question which country this is!

    Whoever had doubts, here is the final answer! ;-D

    A great view of Firth of Forth from Calton Hill

    You could spot the famous bridges in the distance

    I chose the bed&breakfast "by chance" in Inverkeiting, on the way there

    Always impressive!

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Seconded. Looks like a lot of fun. Good work.

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