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Thread: CN Conductor Trainee

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    It took them a week after I did my medical for them to call me, so I wouldn't worry just yet
    Warning: This railroader prefers a GE over an EMD.

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    thank you for your feedback

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    If you have the contact information for the HR person, I don't think it ever hurts to contact them with a friendly inquiry. I am in the process of hiring a person and the HR person is always excitedly telling me which candidates called back to say thank-you for the interview etc. Personally I don't care but she seems care a lot!

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    Default conductor jobs

    Hi All,

    I submited my application for the position of conductor 3-4 weeks ago now and I have done three online assesments, I have passed them all according to the CN rail website and the status of my application is "Online Testing Completed - Passed"

    I was wonder a time frame of how long it takes fro them to get you to the next step.

    I am really stoked about working for CN and would love to know if anyone had contact info for the HR in Concorde/toronto Yard.

    thanks all

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    Hi, I'm wondering if you can provide more information on how the shifts work. I applied for train conductor for the GoWest campaign. What are the expectations. If I have a commitment on say every Thursday night for instance, are the shifts flexible enough to allow me to enroll in other commitments that fall on a Thursday night for example? Are you expected to work weekends? How much time is spent away from the home. My wife is drilling me with a million questions I don't know how to answer. I would be asking her to uproot our family and move across the country so I'm trying gather as much information about what to expect from this job as possible.

    Appreciate your help.

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    My three "go west" picks are, 1.Prince George bc, 2.Edmonton ab, 3.Saskatoon sk.
    I would like to understand better. If I'm on call 24/7 and a so called "bitch" to the job, is there any say/choice of the shift you take.
    Example: I would like Thursday nights off, so Monday I take what ever they send, same for tue, same for wed. BUT Come thur I get a call, can I choose to pass on the call and take the next shift just to keep my Thursday evening open? Would there be another call that evening that I could take instead and then I would take whatever comes again fri? Is it a, as long as you get 5 shifts in a week thing?
    Any info would help!

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    To steal a line from Salma Hayek, "welcome to slavery"

    You can not miss a call on a Thursday! You will be written up and out the door if u dismiss a call. At CN you are constantly fearing for ur job!

    You can line urself up but you can never be sure when you'll be called on the spareboard!
    Be prepared to be available to work every day. You are NOT special, you work when they call YOU, you don't have ur choice of shifts because they don't have that many open spots for you to work! They need each spot filled!
    Just understand that CN doesn't give a shit about you and ur life!
    You can book rest for 12 hours after a shift. 24-48 hrs after a week's shift, a days rest overall. Otherwise, YOU will work when they tell you to work!

    This is NOT a career, it's a LIFESTYLE!

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    Can someone tell me what does freight conductor class room curriculum consist of?
    I'm not that strong in math......I was hired by csx for the conductor position. How much math and what kind of math if any?
    Just need some help, I really want to succeed on the up coming task......pls help and thank you.

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    Was there a lot of math involved in the freight conductor training? Pls help I just got selected

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    I saw this thread and I too am interested in a CN conductor job. Looking for some answers on what the pay is like as a yard conductor in 2017?

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