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Thread: Navajo Mine Railroad

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    Does anyone know anything about this RR? Is it still operating?

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    "Contrary to some reports, the railroad and the Navajo Generating Station in Page have not closed down."

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    Once again, someone confusing the Navajo Mine Railroad (in New Mexico) with the BM&LP (in Arizona). The former is rather less known, and I'd like to know if it still runs. I know their ex-Amtrak/NJT E60CPs aren't still running.
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    I answer too fast. I was thinking of the Navajo Generating Station's mine railroad (BM&LP). I watched them build it.

    You could email APS at:


  5. Default Navajo Mine Railroad

    Yes, it is still in operation. They have had a small derail on it sometime today and are calling for repairs.

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