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    I'm taking a transportation class and i was wondering if any one can help me, and tell me their opinion of what the advantages and disadvantages are of using power by the mile arrangements for locomotives??

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    As a shop manager, I certainly didn't enjoy having to wait for an authorization from EMD before we could start tearing into a Power-By-The-Mile locomotive. We were also limited in that we could only use Power-By-The-Mile designated parts (power assemblies, traction motors, etc.) and when we didn't have them, the locomotive sat out back until a truck showed up with the requisite EMD approved new/rebuilt parts. It didn't matter if we had 50 rebuilt power assemblies/tm combos/etc. in the shop, the ailing locomotive had to sit for 2-3 days until the PBTM parts arrived.

    Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed to see PBTM disappear.

    *addendum* I might also add that the situation I outlined was at a UP shop. Most of the former SP shops had a strong EMD presence in the form of reps and a reasonably large parts inventory (quicker authorizations and minimal wait time for parts).
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