The video for this part:

Back inside the train at Kingscote, December 7 2008

Amazing winter steam shadow effects

Across green pastures I rode back to Horsted Keynes behind the 7F

Under the bridge, my photo spot from the day before

Quickly uphill, that way I still could catch my train meeting with the one to Kingscote

The Standard 4 negotiating the grade loudly

Squirrel and signal

The half moon showed itself again. Here you can see that while the design is old, the signalling technology used at this station isn't

GWR Large Prairie 5199 rolled downhill

Sheeps grazing

You can walk further along the line, but because of the mud and the late hour I had to postpone this task until next time

Back at the brigde the Golden Arrow surprised me with another trip to Kingscote

An old vehicle at the picknick area opposite the station

The Standard 4 coasted by as start of the grande finale, just like the day before

Past the moon

7F starting up...

Here we go!

Nice reflection of the steam cloud inside the polished loco

Passing at least a handful of photographers (above 2 including me, below on the rails 3 (with lineside permits)) enjoying this fabulous scene exclusively

Back at the station with more time than the day before because of a different bus timetable on Sundays. There was still an uphill train scheduled

Only menace: a lot of air traffic from neighbouring Gatwick

Golden Arrow enters holiday paradise

There should have been a crossing now

But even after 20 minutes nothing was coming and I had to catch my bus

Which had to reverse on the narrow country lane in front of the station - and just during this time the last train provided the perfect ending for a great winter steam adventure!