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Thread: My first trip to the POVA in Ione, Wa

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    Talking My first trip to the POVA in Ione, Wa

    After moving to Coeur D'Alene 3 weeks ago my wife and I took a site seeing trip to Ione this past Saturday. This was the last weekend of the Pend Orille (pronounced) Ponderay Lions Club 6 weekend runs on the former Milwaukee Road tracks from Ione to Medile Falls and return.

    The railroad has 4 EX IC GP-9s Three of the four have a new paint job the 8013 is still in IC black. Both weekend days were sold out and fun was had by all.


  2. Default POVA excursion

    I always wanted to get the Box Canyon shot but it was always a long way from every where I wanted to go. But Saturday Oct. 10 on the way back from a trip to Montana a friend with me wanted to ride the train. So I was game he rode the 1PM trip and I took photo's. The picture is the North bound 11 AM trip they stop on the bridge so photo's are very easy to get with multiple angles. This is a scan from a slide. Oh yes just for fun I clicked to go home on the GPS and it was 7 hours 7 minutes just a short drive eh!.

    Scott O'Dell

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