We continue on Sunday, December 7 2008, a maintenance gang at Horsted Keynes

All clear towards Kingscote

GWR Dukedog 9017 "Earl of Berkeley" was steaming along in the winter sun

You can recognize modern times from the photographing position...

Golden Arrow

The young ones have to work hard

BR 4MT 80151 arrived with the train I was about to take to Kingscote

As mentioned in the last part there was one coach for regular passengers - and with another purpose: Santa could hide here from the kids! ;D
Japanese tourists were entertained as well...

Shortly after my arrival at Kingscote the other train departed

My Standard 4 reversing

Shadow play

Now it was time for the Golden Arrow, the timetable of which I had asked before from the driver. I found a spot on a meadow with public footpath, at that time you could take your jacket off in the sun while there still was hoarfrost in the shade

The Standard 4 started with a steam spectacle

Exchange of the token

Dukedog reversing

The 7F was approaching in the distance

Golden Arrow on the return trip


The 7F was about to take me back to Horsted Keynes. Well, actually I had planned for two Bluebell parts, but it looks like there are going to be three!