The video for this part:

Around noon of December 6 2008 I took bus 270 from Haywards Heath towards East Grinstead to reach the lonely but sizable intermediate station Horsted Keynes of the Bluebell museum railway Sheffield Park - Horsted Keynes - Kingscote.


Just arrived, BR 4MT 80151 2-6-4T (built in Brighton 1956) coasted into the station coming from Kingscote with a "Santa Special"

This day exclusively "Santa Specials" were put into service, which just provided a round trip from and to Sheffield Park, so the intermediate station was almost deserted, even hardly any photographers could be seen despite of the perfect weather. All specials had a coach that could be used with regular tickets from any station, but more about that the next day.

Waiting for the crossing

Coming around the corner, still slightly on the grade, S&DR 7F 53809 2-8-0 (Robert Stephenson & Co. Ltd #3895, built 1925)

Now the Standard 4 could depart

A little towards Sheffield Park I found this meadow spot, sadly once more a complete swamp. As compensation GWR Large Prairie 5199 2-6-2T (Swindon, built 1934) steamed uphill

80151 followed soon

And the 7F rolled downhill

Back at the station

The Large Prairie returned


The Standard 4 was arriving in the last sunlight

And met the 7F at the station

Firing up ...

... and off we go!

Then I hurried to the bus ...

... to return the next morning, December 7, when GWR Dukedog Class 9017 "Earl of Berkeley" 4-4-0 (built in Swindon 1938) waited for me with the "Golden Arrow" pullman train, operating between the Santa Specials

The opening to the "regular" specials made GWR Large Prairie 5199

more from this day in part 2!