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Thread: Great Britain - extended edition - 11: London - Lincoln (50 p.)

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    Smile Great Britain - extended edition - 11: London - Lincoln (50 p.)


    Well, it's really continuing ...

    In the evening of December 4 2008 I landed at London Luton for a short 4 day tour, here a passing East Midlands class 222

    By London Overground I reached the hotel changing at West Hampstead

    Next morning, December 5, I got out at Finchley Road & Frognal,

    because ...

    ... the empty coach stock of "The Cathedrals Express", London - Lincoln that day, pulled by Bulleid Pacific 34067 "Tangmere" was about to come by. At the rear a class 47 diesel was used for backing into Kings Cross terminal.

    Next I walked to West Hampstead Thameslink

    From where it's only a couple of minutes to St. Pancras

    and London Kings Cross right next to it, where rebuilding had just started

    IC125 and 225 side by side

    View through the old HST doors

    People in first class seem to be making tough decisions...

    An East Coast Mainline early train snaked through the switches showing its nose into the faint morning sun

    Just while I was getting breakfast the special pulled into the platform a little early, so I hurried to the steamer at the other end

    A First Hull Trains class 222 arrived in the meantime

    And the Cathedrals Express departed northbound

    Past a waiting diesel

    On the East Coast mainline you can overtake a steam train fairly quickly, at Peterborough I had easily passed it. How many different vehicle classes can you spot here?

    Now I took a crowded East Midlands 153 further towards Lincoln. There is a lot of open country here, and equally sparse stations. At Sleaford I decided to get off the train as the steamer should stop here for 15 minutes. First I explored the level crossing behind the station which proved to be an old gated one. Hardly there, this fitting vehicle took me by surprise

    I waited on the station pedestrian bridge for the arrival of the train, which sadly was a little delayed ...

    ... so the stop was shortened and it was impossible to make it to the other level crossing for departure. At least there were nice sunlight effects

    Darling, could you reach me the menu please?

    While waiting for the EM 156 to Lincoln I got to talk with an older railfan who was regularly visiting Austria

    During the short ride we had to stop for half an hour because a truck had crashed into a railway bridge pillar ahead.
    But I arrived safely at Lincoln and had some time for a town tour. The city was very crowded because of the christmas market. As lunch I bought an ostrich burger from the stand of a local farm, then I walked up the steep hill forming the old town centre with its massive cathedral.

    Back at the pretty station

    Old signalboxes between new buildings, sadly the semaphore signals had just been replaced

    Yeah! Freight train!

    Who can spot Mrs. Santa?

    I went on to ...

    I also could have taken a HST which apart from the Christmas market specials never reaches Lincoln, but it was quite delayed and I still had several hours of travel ahead. At least I could catch it arriving at Nottingham, and you can see it's from Lincoln

    At 5 p.m. I took a CrossCountry 170 to Birmingham

    Then the 3 1/2 hour ride to Plymouth inside a SuperVoyager followed

    Half moon with HST at Plymouth

    The rest of the night will be spent inside the Riviera Sleeper towards London ... until next morning!

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    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Great images Roni -- thanks for posting! I always enjoy your work.

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    A great collection of photos. Makes me want to move over there for more than their health care. Thanks for sharing.
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    Stay safe, Have fun, Railfans rule!

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    I agree, great photos. And I'm not even a big fan of European railways. (I probably would be if I ever went there, though)
    Jeff Van Leuvan


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    Thanks, guys!

    @ ecofreak:
    Well, there is a lot of variety between European railways, they range from companies with mainly EMUs and DMUs to ones with long loco hauled trains, from the narrow British loading gauge to the larger continental loading gauge to the broad gauge monsters of the former USSR... some people don't know that.
    I remember one letter in Trains magazine where someone was rambling on how tiny Flying Scotsman looked compared to US engines when it was in America. Well, it looks tiny compared to continental European engines, too!

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    These photos are exceptional. Fantastic work, Roni! I'll be back over there in two weeks time (a fortnight ) and I can't wait. It's London to York, to Edinburgh, to Blackpool, to Cardiff, Heart of Wales, to Salisbury and then back to London, all on the rails. Thanks for getting me primed!

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    Roni, just found this thread. As you travelled from Sleaford to Lincoln you would have passed through my village (first stop after leaving Sleaford), indeed, within yards of my house!

    The freight train you saw passing through Lincoln is one of many through here, mainly coal or oil to and from Immingham.

    Super series of pictures of my local area.

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