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Thread: Rail Scene Ireland

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    Hi all,
    Have uploaded some shots from the weekend. They show the Luas Red Line on St. Patrick's Day around Abbey Street/O'Connell Street prior to it being closed for the parade, and 22000s on commuter services on the Northern Line. Pictures here:


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    Hi all,
    Two updates today.

    First lot contains some shots from the Northern Line this week as well as the Luas operation at Heuston while the line is partially shut. (Some buses also feature!):

    The second update is from Kildare today. It shows new 22k sets in service: 22047, 22052, 22053 and 22058. Also included are 075, 086, and 221 on liner trains, as well as some track machines and 201s on Mark 4 sets. Pictures here:


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    Hi all,
    Over the weekend of 24/25 March the RPSI ran the 'Spare-Link' tour, which operated from Dublin to M3 Parkway to Wexford on the Saturday, and from Wexford to Howth and back to Dublin on the Sunday. Steam loco 461 hauled the Craven set over the two days and was the first visit of a steam locomotive to the Howth branch in many years. Furthermore, GM 217 hauled the tour back from Howth to Connolly, making it the second 201 to visit the Howth branch.

    Pictures from the weekend are now online featuring the following locations: Dublin Connolly, M3 Parkway, Dunboyne, Hansfield, Killiney, Kilcoole, Howth and Clontarf Road. Pictures can be found here:


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    Hi all,
    I've now uploaded the rest of my pictures from the weekend that are non-steam related. Locations include: Dublin Connolly, M3 Parkway, Killiney, Arklow, Howth and Clontarf Road and feature the usual mix of DART electrical units, 22000 and 29000 diesel units, and the Enterprise, as well as one or two bus and plane shots. Pictures can be found here:


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    Hi all,
    I've uploaded some shots taken in East Wall in Dublin today. They show 223 on the IWT liner, orange/black 084 on a six bolster wagon train, 206 on the Enterprise as well as some units. Shots here:


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    Hi all,
    Have uploaded some shots from the last week but the most interesting probably come from today. This morning I went to Fairview Park to photograph the Alstom 82/8400-class DART sets which have been out of service for over three years and could be gone this year. Those shots start here:

    Then this afternoon I went out to Howth to catch the unusual sight of 076 on the branch. This locomotive was out there to help commission the signalling changes that took place over the weekend and is the first visit of an 071 to the line in nearly a decade. Those shots are here:


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    Hi all,
    I have uploaded some pictures taken yesterday and today. From yesterday there is a shot of a 22000 in Balbriggan and a 29000 in Skerries. Today has some more interesting shots. I started the day in Drumcondra to see 221 on the IWT liner. I then moved to North Wall which had three 071s: 080 on the Autoballasters, 081 on the Tara and 086 on the Long-Welded Rail train. To finish the day there are some shots from Balbriggan of the now 22000-operated 13:30 Dublin Pearse to Drogheda. Pictures start at the link below and continue on to the following page:


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    Hi all,
    As there was some nice sun today, I decided to pop out and record the early afternoon activity in Balbriggan and photograph the new status quo. Gone are the 2800s which provided variety for the last few years and in their place have arrived the 22000s on both passenger and empty workings. Also got the ever present 29000s, as well as the loco-hauled Enterprises and Taras. Pictures here:


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    There is always something interesting in your photo sets. Thanks for posting them.

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    I have now uploaded some pictures from last week. On Friday I spent the morning in Killester on Dublin's northside and saw the usual mix of DART units, 29000 DMUs and 081 on the Tara.
    Then on Saturday morning I popped along to the Curragh, just before Kildare, to see the usual fare of 22000s and 201s on Mark 4s, along with a 2800 DMU and 079 with the RPSI Cravens on the '171 for 171' tour.

    Pictures start here:


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