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Thread: The Great Britain II - 10: Great Central - THE END? (50 p.)

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    Default The Great Britain II - 10: Great Central - THE END? (50 p.)


    Our itinerary for this part:
    EM = East Midlands
    FCC = First Capital Connect
    GC = Great Central Railway
    Tuesday, 14/4/2009
    London St. Parrcras dep 8:30 EM 222 -> Nottingham
    Loughborough arr 10:04
    Loughborough Central dep 11:00 ~11:12 GC LNER N7 BR 69621 -> Leicester North
    Rothley arr 11:20 ~11:32
    Rothley dep 11:57 GC N7 -> Loughborough
    Quorn & Woodhouse arr 12:07
    Quorn & Woodhouse dep  14:07 GC N7 -> Loughborough
    Loughborough Central arr 14:13
    Loughborough dep 16:20 EM 222 -> London St. Parrcras
    Luton Airport Parkway arr 17:34
    Luton Airport Parkway dep ~18:10 FCC Bus -> Luton Airport
    Luton Airport arr ~18:16
    Luton Airport dep 20:10 ~20:30 Sky Europe 127
    Bratislava Letisko arr 23:30 ~23:45
    The video for this part:

    Welcome to the last day of our Easter trip through Great Britain, but will it be the last part of the report as well?

    For the first time during the journey we could rise a little later, after regaining strength at the breakfast buffet we walked the short distance from our hotel to St. Pancras station.

    With older and newer taxi and an until now for London relatively unusual articulated bus we could witness this little 50 years urban transport parade in front of Kings Cross.

    Outside along St. Pancras to the East Midlands domestic terminal

    Commuters inside St. Pancras

    An East Midlands 222 took us on a fast ride up the Midland Mainline to Loughborough, where we wanted to see the remainders of the - for this line atypical - Easter weekend tank engine gala at the Great Central museum railway, which I already had visited in 2007.

    Sign violation # 1 of the day - and that in the Land of Signs! ;D

    Exhaust heat in the university town of Loughborough

    At Loughborough we were first waiting for the hourly HSTs, but they were so delayed that we decided to change to the museum railway before any came by. That's quite a march, and it was already quite late. However, we were in luck: the 11 o'clock steam train didn't depart before 11:12, so we had no problem catching it.
    Of course the museum scenery was once again enriched by some original types

    Chat before departure on the only British double track museum mainline


    We could only buy the tickets on the train, of course the conductor didn't have any notes anymore as change for me, so I was blessed with a pile of coins. OK, I would get rid of them apart from 2 pence at the duty free later.

    Rothley was our first stop on this line with four stations, every one of them reconstructed in a different style. This one represents the era of the early 20th century and the Great Central Railway. Loco of the day in charge was 7999 "A J Hill" (BR No. 69621) - LNER Class N7 (GER Class L77) 0-6-2T (Stratford, built in 1924), a loan from the North Norfolk Railway for the gala.

    The details of the stations were of course once again amazing, you could stay there taking photos for hours!

    Of course the Titanic poster for the 1910s can't be missed

    After half an hour the train returned from Leicester North, and the signalman swung on the platform for the exchange of the token

    A short ride back towards Loughborough past Swithland yard we arrived at Quorn & Woodhouse

    This station was styled according to the WWII era and in LNER colours, matching our loco that day (even if it was carrying BR livery).

    Again people in fitting clothes

    telegraph pole shadow

    Anglia 47714 was stabled with goods wagons at a siding

    Even the urinal was antique

    Sign violation # 2 of the day: OK, it is a rare occasion that I'm upset about something, but if you come across millions of unnecessary signs over the whole week, and they are painstakingly followed, and then you find the one sign that might actually make a little sense, and it is not followed, then... But don't worry, a little clever positioning, a little Photoshop, and it was no problem anymore!

    The 13:00 from Loughborough arrived punctually

    Image link to the panorama in higher resolution:

    Departing Quorn

    Time for a short lunch break on the bench with the good old, always the same consistency keeping Tesco-pancakes from Dundee

    At 2 o'clock our train was approaching from the south

    Mirror, mirror...

    On the way to the photo spot at Loughborough

    A little sunlight on the train, the last of the trip

    Steaming out of one of the largest museum terminals in Great Britain

    Goodbye, steam train!

    Always these blatant breaches of law today, obviously those tiny ones think they can get through with anything! ;D ;D

    Ah, finally, an East Midlands HST wearing the old Midland Mainline livery speeding through Loughborough at 110 mph


    Window cleaning

    Another typically British subject: the yellow press! That day not even an ugly subject... ;D

    On the way to Luton airport

    OK, don't panic, we are missing a sign: "Breathe in! ... Breathe out!" - somebody obviously made a packet of money here...

    That was it with our April trip. An old Air Slovakia 737-300 took us home, because of the late hour we had to take the car back to Vienna.

    But stop, was that really it with the reports?

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Interesting travelog here Roni. I especially like the use of black and white to emphasize a historic feel. Also the boot prints on the carriage roof. Plus, nice to see a different Quorn. We have a Quorn down-under in Aussie, in South Australia, home of the Pichi Richi railway.

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    Thanks, Steve!

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Terriffic photos on the Great Central line, Roni. This is the preserved railway we visit most, it helps to remember how it was in the old days, particularly at steam gala events. As seen in your pictures, it is much more than just the trains.

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