This wonderful guide to rail travel in Canada covers a wide range of topics: an opening section describes the many facets of the country, useful for foreign tavellers. Another section describes the historical roots of Canadian railways. Sections titled "Train Classes and Services", "Train Travel Tips" and "Canadian Railway 101" enhance an understanding of railways and rail travel. There's even a section on 'railway yoga' for anyone needing a good stretch along the way!

Most interesting, though, are the route guides which comprise the bulk of the material. Each region of Canada, from BC to the Atlantic, is detailed as a potential rail trip, whether long or relatively short. Mile by mile descriptions of what one will see from the train are fascinating and accompanied by interesting sidebars relating to local aspects of geography,history and culture. In addition to a wealth of information, is the abundance of full colour photos (over 500) which illustrate everything from the sleeping accommodations on board, various types of trains to the scenery along each route.

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