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Thread: The Great Britain II - 5: Aviemore - Dunkeld (50 p.)

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    Default The Great Britain II - 5: Aviemore - Dunkeld (50 p.)


    Our itinerary for this part:
    SR = First ScotRail
    Fr, 4/10/2009
    Aviemore arr 7:41
    Aviemore dep ~8:55 Bus 34 -> Grantown-on-Spey
    Boat of Garten arr ~9:05
    Boat of Garten, Drumuillie, opp Letterbox dep ~10:23 Bus 34B -> Grantown-on-Spey
    Broomhill arr ~10:30
    Broomhill dep 11:30 Strathspey Railway #17 "Braeriach" -> Aviemore
    Aviemore arr 12:05
    Aviemore dep 13:31 SR 170 -> Edinburgh
    Dunkeld & Birnam arr 14:40
    Dunkeld & Birnam dep 15:11 SR 158 (+ 170) -> Inverness
    The video for this part:

    At about 4 a.m. Edinburgh was reached, and despite nobody being able to get on or off, the train was parted inside the main station Waverley. Our reclining seat coach, previously the last of the train, became the first of the part to Inverness. The rest of the trip we were hauled by DB Schenker 67011.
    After Blair Atholl day started to break and in great lighting moods we climbed Druimuachdar Summit, the highest point of the British rail network in the spectacular Highlands landscape of Cairngorms national park.
    We arrived at many stations earlier than scheduled, only at our stop, Aviemore / An Aghaidh Mhr, we had to wait at the home signal.

    A fantastic mood, a backdrop formed of clouds and snow-covered mountains, a beautiful station - what more do you want when stepping off the train in the Highlands?

    67011 left us punctually

    A class 158 reversing on its early morning commute Inverness - Aviemore - Inverness

    Aviemore doesn't just offer visual beauty, as a gateway to the national park and skiing town with a shopping centre including supermarket and bakery right next to the station it is also ideal to replenish your provisions.

    Shortly before 8 the 158 left Aviemore towards Inverness

    We waited for one more train: National Express East Coast HST "The Highland Chieftain" Inverness - London Kings Cross, stopping here at 8:30 for the first time on its long journey south.

    Now it was time to walk to the bus stop. Having reached it, about 5 minutes before the bus would depart, a class 66 with freight thundered through northbound. Ah well, we couldn't have waited for that without endangering the further itinerary.

    Bus 34 to Grantown-on-Spey (the Grants being the Highland Clan of this region ) proved to be a private taxi for us to Boat of Garten, seen here

    A few yards away lies the base of the Strathspey museum railway Aviemore - Boat of Garten - Broomhill:


    In real scottish landscape we could experience a real scottish steamer: #17 "Braeriach" - 0-6-0T (Andrew Barclay & Son, Kilmarnock Works No 2017, built 1935)

    For the third time on museum railways during this trip they started a private shunting orgy! ;D

    Also on the site, stabled D5862 / 31327

    Unbelievable, by the friendly loco driver/signalbox worker/... we were invited to cross the rails - in Great Britain! ;D

    Of course a visit to the signalbox had to follow, where we were told that he had a friend with the Zillertal railway and found Salzburg to be beautiful...

    Back in front of the station

    While the museum train was going to Aviemore to collect the first passengers, we wanted to get a landscape shot and took a bus into the other direction. However, this time it wouldn't pass the village, but only a collection of about five houses at the main road called Drumuillie. There was no recognizable bus stop, but the Traveline-website described it as opposite the letterbox - and really, there was a letterbox built into one of the houses. One of the friendly residents came by and told us we should just wave at the bus. That we did and once more we had our private taxi to the other terminal of the railway, Broomhill, where of course there was no official bus stop

    So close and yet so far...

    A lone Highland angler

    At 11 a.m. the train from Aviemore rolled by across the Highland moors

    For reversal a loop behind Broomhill station has to be used, here the train was finally arriving

    We enjoyed the ride inside the comfortable and well-filled museum coach, on the way, however, pouring rain started

    Shunting in the wet at Aviemore, the old infrastructure belongs to the mainline

    station detail

    Punctually for the departure at 12:30 the Highlands-sun came through again

    The train started to move with enourmous steam output

    Greetings back at our friendly host, we will gladly return!

    Subsequently, we had some time to buy good hot pastries at the bakery for lunch.
    Apart from that, regular traffic to Inverness passed by, formed of a typical ScotRail train consisting of a class 158 and a class 170

    Shortly later a southbound 170 took us towards the Great Britain II. Sadly the train was leaving quite late like on some days, departure at 11 a.m. from Glasgow, that's why we couldn't catch it in the best Highland landscape. Instead, you have to take nice infrastructure, and we had only one station to choose from: Dunkeld and Birnam / Dn Chailleann ("Fort of the Caledonians") is Braonan. This was high risk as our train was supposed to cross at that station with the special which even should arrive a few minutes earlier than us. After that the special would wait for an hour at Dunkeld to let our next northbound train pass (having had another one hour stop at Perth just one station before), so getting out further north than Dunkeld would do nothing good for us. Since the locos would probably stop further than the platform end, and you couldn't see that spot from outside the station, the arrival was our only chance to photograph and film the train. So, we had a window of a few minutes when the special should come, a little late, but not too much...

    We arrived, and the Poker paid off: no special in the station, a lot of people waiting, the starter signal for our train not clear. Quickly we joined the first line of photographers (although many British photographers tend to stand anywhere on the platform, people in the picture don't seem to matter), the spot was perfect with semaphore signals and signalbox. A few seconds later the Great Britain II pulled by the Black 5 doubleheader 45231 "The Sherwood Forester" - LMS Black Five Stanier Class 5MT 4-6-0 (Armstrong Witworth & Co No 1286, built 1936) and 45407 "The Lancashire Fusilier"(Armstrong Witworth & Co No 1462, built 1937) provided us with a nice station entering spectacle

    That's how close it was, the driver of the class 170 greeting his colleagues. And no, this time it was no private party for us...

    THAT's how you go trainspotting in the Highlands! ;D

    And that's where the train came to a halt, view towards the Highlands

    And finally the double Black 5 superpanorama, please click on the link, the image is too wide for the forum:

    After an efficient half hour at Dunkeld, we left back north to Inverness. The decision to go to Fort William by day would pay off fully - more in the next part!

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Good to see the beautiful stuff continuing Roni! How much post processing do you do with your shots? In some of the shots with the selective coloring its a little more obvious, but do you do detailed touch-up's on most of your work?
    Also, slightly off topic but are you still active over on IRFCA?
    ~Nick A.

    RRF Photo Contest Coordinator

    -My Railpictures Collection-

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    Yeah, I have my usual "development" procedure, but every picture gets its individual touch. I also create different versions, color, b/w etc. and then pick the best one for the essay.

    I don't have time to write much on IRFCA anymore, just post the reports, so a few times a year...

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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