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    looking for information about a old tie clip i have, it seems to be gold or at least gold plated. it has a old caboose on it. there is no other makers marks. it has D&HC then company company is not spelled out its just a C and a o with 2 lines under the o. my dad worked for the rr befor i was born, im 52. he worked rite here in rouses point rite on the vermont and canada border. if theres any one that can tell me anything about it id be very grateful.

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    weres a good place to ask a question like this and get some feedback?

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    Delaware & Hudson Co.?

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    ya but theres 2 cs? heres a pic

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    Should be Delaware & Hudson Canal Company, which was the original name for the railroad back when it was a part canal-part rail operation.

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    that makes sence the lake here Lake Champlain used to be a ave for a lot of bardges and stuff. they unloaded onto trains rite here in town a lot. one old timer here in town hes in his 80s{worked for the D&H all his life} thought maybe coal co? but didnt rember dad working for them. maybe its something he picked up and not related to his job? theres a 10 on it also that must mean something.

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