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Thread: Railroad Photos and Trip Reports - Mexico

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    The large back doors at the grand terminal station that lead out to the platforms. Out back there are freight trains parked all over and even in one area freight is loaded and unloaded.

    Canon Powershot SX10 IS

    10 Megapixel w/ 20X Optical Zoom

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    Another really neat aspect to the restoration of the Terminal Station is the new club room just off to the right side of the station. The bar actually accesses both the front of the station and the platform as well. The bar/catering room will be used for social functions and the outside seating area that was built especially for this sits directly behind the static steam engine display.

    When they commissioned the construction of the outside seating area they made sure to include and continue the rail décor from the original station, this in the form of the train wheels with wings set in the cast iron moldings on the upper portion of the awnings.

    Club room under the finishing stages of construction

    Another view

    A frontal view of the outside seating area

    The outside seating area I purposely over exposed this picture so you could see the details in the awnings, with the rail décor that was added to them in keeping with the main décor of the station building. The sun was very bright this day and this was my only option to be able to see the details

    Another view

    Then looking off from the seating area one can see the actual parking lot ends into the freight area, and one of the still used freight buildings.

    A close up of the details of the décor that was continued on the new construction

    The nicely painted static steam engine display alongside the seating area of the club patio, which makes a great location for any child’s birthday party with a train theme

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    Canon Powershot SX10 IS

    10 Megapixel w/ 20X Optical Zoom

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    Guess nobody else has any Mexico pictures to share.. if so post them
    Canon Powershot SX10 IS

    10 Megapixel w/ 20X Optical Zoom

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    Great shots, I don't know why I didn't see this thread before.

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    Very interesting photos! Mexico has some amazing rail lines. The former Mexicano route from Vera Cruz to Puebla and the N de M line from Vera Cruz to Oriental are just incredible. I wish that there were more contemporary photos of operations there. The current drug wars down south are certainly interfering with railfanning. There is some cool stuff on YouTube to check out.

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    Here are two from Felipe Pescador, Zacatecas, and two from western Chihuahua. More to come.
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    Awesome pics, James. I can't believe there is that kind of construction down south. I love the look of the restored Durango Station. That bold green train board is a real treat. Kinda makes you want to study up on your Spanish...keep 'em coming. Always welcome pics from south of the border, very refreshing for a change. The Canadian stuff gets old after a time.

    You can never know which way the train went by looking at the track.

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    Wow!Great pictures....


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