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    RJ Corman Central Kentucky Lines has begun testing a Progress Rail Services PR22B genset unit. Today's test involved hauling loads up Jett Hill just outside Frankfort, Kentucky. This interesting consist includes the PRS genset, 8 loaded sand gons, and the RailPower RP20BD genset (which has been getting a thorough workout with Corman since December 2008.)

    1) Running long hood forward, the genset heads south on the way up the hill.

    2) Telephoto compression allows us to see the whole train running through a wooded area.

    3) After a short break, the genset brings the train uphill again, seen here near the Springhill Road grade crossing.

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    Some more shots from RJ Corman's test of a Progress Rail genset near Frankfort, KY.

    1) Iron Horse, meet some two-wheeled American Iron.

    2) Roaring up Jett Hill...and I do mean roar. Standing next to one, the engine/generator sets on the PR22B are much louder than a conventional prime mover. Once the unit is around the bend, the sound is reminiscent of a bulldozer hard at work...which makes sense since the unit is powered by 3 big CAT gensets.

    3) Paused momentarily in historic downtown Frankfort, KY; the test train prepares for another assault on the hill.

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    Good catch, Bo! It will be interesting to see what RJC ultimately ends up doing. They sure are giving the genset idea a thorough look, aren't they?

    Have a good one!

    Jody Moore
    Green Rail News Rosters, News, Funding and Discussion

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    Thanks Jody...yeh, RJC seems very interested in gensets right now; so it's kind of fun to get a sneak peek at the locomotives of the future. Lucky that I live in Lexington and get a ringside seat!

    Here's another interesting shot from today (4/14/09)...both the RailPower and the Progress Rail units coupled together and turning on the wye in Corman's Rupp Yard. Wonder what's next for this pair?

    This shot really shows the good visibility provided by the extremely low hood of the Progress Rail unit. Even at this distance, the PR unit has a very distinctive sound.

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