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Thread: Filling out taxes need help! Work for CSX.

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    Did you ever find out how to do this? It has never made sense to me on Turbo. Did you enter them as taxes or wages and do you input the medwages... which causes your return to practically go to nothing

    Quote Originally Posted by DimmuJed View Post
    I work for CSX and i'm filling out my taxes for the first time as an employee using Turbo Tax. Well it asks for my box 14 off my W-2's which is:

    RR MEDWAGES XXXXX.XX (which is the amount i made in 2008)

    and i have to select classes for them. RRtier 1/2 i put railroad retirement tier 1/2 taxes. I have no idea what to put for the other 'MED' ones. The railroad related options are:

    RR retirement tier 1 or 2 taxes
    RR retirement Tier 1 or 2 wages
    RRTA tips

    Please help!

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    Does anyone know how to complete this on Turbo? I know that the 3 are taxes BUT does the medwages get entered since it your total income amount... seems to me it would make them think that you made double and tax you to death. Please help!

    RRTIER2 XXX.XX = Tier2 Wages or Tier2 Taxes?
    RRTIER1 XXX.XX = Tier1 Wages or Tier1 Taxes?
    RR MEDTAXES XXX.XX = Tier1 Taxes or Tier2 Taxes?
    [COLOR="Red"]RR MEDWAGES XXXXX.XX = Tier1 or Tier2 Wages [/COLO

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