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Thread: Filling out taxes need help! Work for CSX.

  1. Angry Filling out taxes need help! Work for CSX.

    I work for CSX and i'm filling out my taxes for the first time as an employee using Turbo Tax. Well it asks for my box 14 off my W-2's which is:

    RR MEDWAGES XXXXX.XX (which is the amount i made in 2008)

    and i have to select classes for them. RRtier 1/2 i put railroad retirement tier 1/2 taxes. I have no idea what to put for the other 'MED' ones. The railroad related options are:

    RR retirement tier 1 or 2 taxes
    RR retirement Tier 1 or 2 wages
    RRTA tips

    Please help!

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    I have to say I wish I could help you but H&R Block does mine, they were a little confused at first and wasn't sure about the social security since we don't pay social security
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    One of the Tiers is like the social security, but I don't remember which one it is
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    Tier 1 is Social Security equivalent.

    Medicare deducted is the same for either RRT or SSS.

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    okay. I'm not interested in statements on tier1/2 i'm interested in the "MED" things.

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    Just finished my taxes with TaxAct online, they have a "fill in the blank" option for the Box 14 entries. Does TurboTax have that option as well? Might want to go that way, or else start over with Tax Act online. Good luck.

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    Same thing here. I work for CSX as well. I need to know how to classify these from the Box 14 on the W2.

    RRTIER2 XXX.XX = Tier2 Wages or Tier2 Taxes?
    RRTIER1 XXX.XX = Tier1 Wages or Tier1 Taxes?
    RR MEDTAXES XXX.XX = Tier1 Taxes or Tier2 Taxes?
    RR MEDWAGES XXXXX.XX = Tier1 or Tier2 Wages ?

    Turbo Tax asks me to classify the Box 14 entries. I think it's safe to assume RRTIER2 and RRTIER1 entries are for taxes. But wtf is RR MEDTAXES and MEDWAGES? Is this for Tier1? Should I just add up RRTIER1, RRTIER2 and RR MEDTAXES to figure out the total taxes I paid?

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    Your W-2 should show the amount of the tier 1 2 and med taxes you paid for the year. Just list the taxes you paid for those 3 things.

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    Ya know, this kind of question is very much legal advice. The gov frowns on non-lawyers giving out legal advice.

    I'd contact the Turbo Tax people--then they're the ones on the hook when/if you get audited.
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    As AmtkRdFm replied, just list the taxes in each appropriate box, don't need to be a lawyer to answer a simple question like that.
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