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Thread: Railjet ÖBB starts regular running

  1. Default Railjet ÖBB starts regular running

    A very first regular haulage of Railjet on December 14, 2008 from Vienna to Budapest as EC 41.

    Report including many pictures:

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    Interesting that OBB has selected a push-pull arrangement for their high speed train, as the prevailing trend is towards EMU types.

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    I seen that consist yesterday at Budapest Eastern Terminus.
    " Sehr schőn, ÖBB!"

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    That is going to be an interesting way to travel those parts--now if only my budget will cooperate

  5. Default New photos Railjet in Czech Republic

    Train RailJet pass driving test in the Czech Republic. Photos from the test circuit is provided on RAIPAGE.NET

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    Thanks for the update. Nice pictures. I like Railjet's color scheme- dark reds, greys with no white (I'm a traditionalist).

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