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Thread: Mediterranean Cruise IX: Playa del Muerto (50 p.)

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    Default Mediterranean Cruise IX: Playa del Muerto (50 p.)

    Mediterranean Rail Cruise 2008
    from Milano Centrale to Barcelona Sants by local train

    Part 9:
    A coastal walk from Sitges to Vilanova i la Geltrú, August 23

    The video for this part:


    A view out of the hotel room at Barcelona Sants early morning August 23 confirmed: the weather isn't bad! So quickly down to the station to catch the first Rodalies-train (= Cercanías, RENFE local trains, in Catalan) at 6:06 a.m. to Sitges, from where we took a taxi to the parking lot near the Playa del Muerto so we wouldn't miss the morning mood. Trains are running all the time, so you just have to wait a short time (or not) for the next photo.
    On the hill behind the parking space we caught the first train at 7 a.m.

    Now we moved on past the beach (guarded by dangerous hot dog ;-)) - by the way, this is a rail photographer's mekka and gay beach.

    Yeah, sun!

    Talgo-hoteltrain 944 from Cádiz as triple rake

    The first Euromed - a broad gauge TGV derivate - EM 1071 to Alacant

    Three minutes later followed this Talgo empty transfer with open doors

    We are inside the gay zone ;-)

    For night train Estrella 930 "Pío Baroja" from four different departure cities - Bilbao, Salamanca, Gijón und Irún - we returned to the other side of the bay.

    It was really raining - a few miles away! :-)

    Arco 697 to Almería, Badajoz, Málaga and Sevilla, this train class consists of refurbished cars with 220 kph max speed

    Class 448 as "Catalunya Exprés"

    A class 451 double deck train with view at the nudist beach

    Let the rainbow flag fly!

    A RENFE 252 pulling Euromed 1091 to Valencia, some of these trains were formed of loco and Talgo rakes

    440R as Rodalies


    EM 1101 to Alacant

    Estrella 920 "Galicia" from A Coruña and Vigo only arrives past 11 a.m. at Barcelona after its long trip

    Some old telegraph masts were still existing despite of the electrified mainline

    What could come as surprise? On the next hill: the only Euromed with one new POS engine after an accident as EM 1382 from Alacant in perfect spotlight!

    Class 447 meets 451

    RENFE 490 as Alaris 1111 to Alacant

    A few planes with ads came by, in the background the port of Vilanova can be seen

    Some nice change with Talgo 533 to Bilbao, Salamanca and Hendaye consisting of old Talgo III-rakes

    Another Talgo in blue-white livery

    EM 1112 double from Alacant

    Now we walked on to Vilanova where authorities suddenly decided to put up fences. Before, some sections of the coastal path were right next to the track embankment...

    The beach of Vilanova

    On the station square the RENFE-museum is located. At the moment it was closed, but after a sneak preview we decided to return in the afternoon.

    But first we went to Barcelona for lunch

    Some Rodalies lines are terminating here, this is also a reason for the dense traffic on the line. Next time we will continue inside the museum! :-)

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    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Absolutely wonderfull pictures. I enjoyed them wery much
    Gert L.

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