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Thread: Mediterranean Cruise IV: Nice - Tende - Anthéor (50 p.)

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    Default Mediterranean Cruise IV: Nice - Tende - Anthéor (50 p.)

    Mediterranean Rail Cruise 2008
    from Milano Centrale to Barcelona Sants by local train

    Part 4:
    In the Alps on Tenda Pass and along the Côte d'Azur, August 19

    The video for this part:


    On the morning of August 19 we could sleep about an hour longer than usual because the first train on the Tenda line, RE 81309 to Breil-sur-Roya, was only leaving at 7:20 a.m.

    The moon above the main entrance of Nice Ville station. Now in the morning there was a little more space, but all in all the dimensions of the entrance hall are way too small for a station this size. This is made worse by the fact, that nowadays platforms are only indicated shortly before departure, so first everyone gathers in front of the departure monitor, then all people rush to the platform. Sadly, this useless procedure seems to be spreading, why don't they have a fixed platform timetable like other European railroads?
    Also terrible with SNCF is the ticket buying process. Ticket machines don't accept all VISA-cards and apart from that only coins! At some point during the French leg of the trip I certainly had about 20 Euros in coins... ;-)
    Then you can't choose another departure station than the one you are in at the ticket machines, so I had to use the ticket counters which work horribly ineffective. At least I had a pleasant surprise at the ticket counter learning that a "Carte Isabelle" existed, a 12 Euro ticket valid all day for TER trains up to Tende, Ventimiglia, Grasse and Fréjus covering all planned trainrides today. Nice - Tende - Nice alone would have cost 22 Euros, much more expensive than FS- or upcoming RENFE regional trains.

    Morning impressions from Nice

    Life à Grande Vitesse ;-)

    The newly introduced first number on some SNCF vehicles like BB 22308 to the left indicates the service area, "5" stands for TER (Trains Express Régionaux), "4" for example for Fret, the freight branch.

    We have landed in the Alps... ;-)

    Morning at Breil-sur-Roya, the sun hasn't made it yet into the deep valley.

    Three trains meet here: RE 22967 Cuneo - Ventimiglia - Taggia approaches next to ours from Nice which will return soon afterwards.

    We took RE 22968 Ventimiglia - Cuneo, which was pretty full, but as always we managed to get seats. After arrival at Tende, for scenes from the ride see the video.

    Our train continued on to Italy.

    Into the other direction RE 22943 Cuneo - Breil crossed the nicely lit viaduct of Tende.

    Half an hour later FS D445 1052 followed with RE 22973 Torino Porta Nuova - Imperia Oneglia

    On a local soccer ground we found this view of the medieval town with FS "Minuetto" as RE 22970 to Cuneo.

    The SNCF "Train des merveilles" Nice - Tende sadly didn't consist of old SNCF DMUs, we only met them once on the way back down.

    A small tour through the town of Tende which belonged to Italy until 1947.

    You can see the viaduct down in the valley.

    Our train for the return to Nice, now we could enjoy lunch from the local boulangerie on the way down.

    Like every day clouds formed over the mountains quite early, but the sea always helped dissolve them, so we actually didn't have a photo cloud for the whole week.

    Midday break at Nice was used for a visit to the new terminal of the narrow gauge railroad "Chemins de fer de Provence".

    Sadly the train anounced for 2:30 p.m. didn't even show up with 10 minutes delay, but at least this DMU was parked there.

    Now we moved on along the Côte d'Azur with RE 81190 Ventimiglia - St. Raphael-Valescure, for the ride see the video again.

    Our destination: Anthéor-Cap Roux.
    Somehow on all French mainlines many more (seasonal) trains appeared than indicated on our timetable, so, for example, we had about ten TGVs instead of the expected four.
    It started with a night train rake, maybe an empty transfer, pulled by BB 22244.

    TGV 5184 to Lille Europe

    This time James Bond hunts the bad guys by yacht, but they manage to escape by helicopter! ;-D

    TER Inter-Cité 17433 Marseille - Nice with driving van trailer

    In the view along the coast towards Cannes you can spot a small portion of the train...

    TGV 6175 Paris - Ventimiglia on the viaduct of Anthéor

    RE 81192, we were lucky only to see old commuter trains this evening.

    TGV 5164 from Lille Europe...

    ... coupled to TGV 9826/7 from Bruxelles Midi

    RE 81217 to Ventimiglia, pushed but with correct panto up... ;-)

    RE 81206 was pulled by BB 25500 in blue-red "Île-de-France"-livery, quite far from the intended home.

    TGV 6876 to Dijon

    TGV 6180 to Paris

    And finally TER Inter-Cité 17434 to Marseille St. Charles with BB 25648

    On the ride back to Nice. We encountered several night trains, the only one pulled by a BB 25500 can be seen in the video.

    Walking to the hotel I met this partly rail-based cleaning vehicle... ;-)

    And another tram impression early next morning, where I will continue this report.

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    More impressive shots. Now I really want to go to Europe. What am I saying I will be there next suumer Following the Irish rock band U2

    Cuesta Grader.

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    Thanks a lot!

    Have fun next year!

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Wonderful pics of a beautiful coastline.

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    Hi, Alan!

    Thanks a lot!

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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