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Thread: CSX Classification Yards

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    Default CSX Classification Yards

    Good morning.

    Does anyone here have a list of CSX's Classification Yards?


    There exists, but you can't get there from here.

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    From Wikipedia:

    Atlanta, Georgia - Tilford Yard
    Avon, Indiana - Avon Yard
    Birmingham, Alabama - Boyles Yard
    Buffalo, New York - Frontier Yard
    Cincinnati, Ohio - Queensgate Yard
    Cumberland, Maryland
    Hamlet, North Carolina - Hamlet Yard
    Louisville, Kentucky - Prime F. Osborn Yard
    Nashville, Tennessee - Radnor Yard
    Newark, New Jersey - Oak Island Yard, shared with Norfolk Southern
    Russell, Kentucky - Russell Yard
    Selkirk, New York - Selkirk Yard
    Toledo, Ohio - Stanley Yard
    Waycross, Georgia - Rice Yard
    Willard, Ohio
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    Add to that Lima, Ohio yard. Been there many times.
    Needmore Yard-Dayton, Ohio.
    those are the only 2 that I did not see on here.

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    Default CSX M&M Subdivision yards

    Don't frget the yard my subdivision services, Mobile, AL Sibert Yard ; Pensacola, Fl Goulding Yard; and my home terminal Montgomery, Al S&NA Yard (M&M/S&N subdivision) and Chester Yard (A&WP Subdivion)
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    It really depends on what your definition of a yard is, whether you are looking for just hump yards or simply any freight yards in general.

    Here's a list of all the yards on CSX that send out manifests. The list includes Conrail Shared Assets Operations (CSAO) yards that CSX uses.

    Acca Yard: Richmond, VA
    Andrews, SC
    Athens, GA
    Atkinson, KY
    Augusta, GA
    Avon Yard: Indianapolis, IN
    Baldwin, FL
    Barr Yard: Chicago, IL
    Bay View Yard: Baltimore, MD
    Beacon Park Yard: Boston, MA
    Boyles Yard: Birmingham, AL
    Bruceton, TN
    Cayce, SC
    Charleston, SC
    Columbus, OH
    Cumberland, MD
    Curtis Bay Yard: Baltimore, MD
    Decatur, IN
    Detroit, MI (I think it's called either Rougemere or River Rouge yard)
    Erwin, TN
    Flint, MI
    Dewitt Yard: Syracuse, NY
    Framingham, MA
    Frontier Yard: Buffalo, NY
    Garrett, IN
    Gentilly Yard: New Orleans, LA
    Goodman St. Yard: Rochester, NY
    Goulding Yard: Pensacola, FL
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Greenwich Yard: Philadelphia, PA (CSAO)
    Greenwood, SC
    Hamlet, NC
    Howell Yard: Atlanta, GA
    Howell Yard: Evansville, IN
    Lima, OH
    Locust Point Yard: Baltimore, MD
    Massena, NY
    Miami, FL
    Memphis, TN (I believe they have multiple yards here, not sure of their names)
    Montgomery, AL
    Mulberry, FL
    Niagara Falls, NY
    Oak Island Yard: Newark, NJ (CSAO)
    Oak Point Yard: New York, NY
    Osborne Yard: Louisville, KY
    Owensboro, KY
    Pavonia Yard: Camden, NJ (CSAO)
    Portsmouth, VA
    Pritchard Yard: Jacksonville, FL
    Queensgate Yard: Cincinnati, OH
    Radnor Yard: Nashville, TN
    Rice Yard: Waycross, GA
    Rocky Mount, NC
    Rose Lake Yard: East St. Louis, IL
    Russell, KY
    Selkirk, NY
    Sibert Yard: Mobile, AL
    Stanley Yard: Toledo, OH
    Sterling Yard: Detroit, MI (CSAO)
    Taft, FL
    Tampa, FL
    Tilford Yard: Atlanta, GA
    Walbridge Yard: Toledo, OH
    Wauhatchie Yard: Chattanooga, TN
    West Springfield, MA
    Willard, OH
    Wilmington, NC
    Winston, FL
    Worcester, MA

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    Chambersburg, PA has a new yard.
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