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Thread: Mediterranean Cruise III: Cervo - Nice - Monaco (50 p.)

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    Default Mediterranean Cruise III: Cervo - Nice - Monaco (50 p.)

    Mediterranean Rail Cruise 2008
    from Milano Centrale to Barcelona Sants by local train

    Part 3:
    A day at the Ligurian coast, an evening at Monte Carlo, August 18

    The video for this part:


    Next morning we left Genoa at 6 a.m. with R 11352 towards Ventimiglia to get to Cervo-San Bartolomeo, a lovely small town where the two coastal areas Riviera dei Fiori and Riviera delle Palme meet. The single track line along the coast is soon to be replaced by a double track newly built tunnel line though the hinterland.

    Don't throw any bottles out - into paradise?

    The beach was as good as empty as R 11263 Ventimiglia - San Stefano di Magra passed. As we noticed on our whole trip: the first to arrive are pensioners... ;-)

    Soon afterward a pretty ALe 801 (or related) came by as R 6225 commuting to Alassio. This meant that it would return soon...

    The first express of the day was IC 657 "Cristoforo Colombo" Ventimiglia - Milano Centrale pulled by E 402 004. On this spot we met a nice Italian colleague who gave us a bunch of helpful tipps.

    E 632 008 pushed R 10172 Turin - Ventimiglia past us, one of the few push-pull trains with the loco at the northern end. Meanwhile the beach filled slowly.

    After changing postion by climbing down a steel ladder and a steep path we photographed R 6222 to Taggia, shortly before came another IC. Our initial doubts about the legality of the place dispersed quickly as we saw how many people used the path and the tracks to get to their favourite bathing spots. As a result engineers are quite cautious on this part of the line.

    Everyone can look up for him/herself what this means, adults only! ;-D

    With R 11366 to Ventimiglia came the beautiful E 646 085

    Another ALe 801 as R 6229 to Savona continued the oldtimer parade

    The EuroCity from Nice was already late, oh well, in the meantime James Bond chased some bad guys by helicopter... ;-D

    With half an hour delay EC 139 "Riviera dei Fiori" Nice - Miland passed the spot pulled by probably not regular freight engine E 655 266.

    After lunch eating Spaghetti alle Vongole in a nice restaurant at the seaside EC 144 "Sanremo" Milano Centrale - Nice Ville was the next train.

    On we went to the beach where E 646 085 greeted us with R 11327.

    R 6232 to Taggia into the opposite direction

    The nice baroque front of Cervo church

    An E 656 pulled R 11374 Genoa - Ventimiglia past our previous spot

    E 444 010 with IC 693 "Andrea Doria" to Milano Centrale, the cars still without grey "EuroStarCity"-livery

    One more spot before our departure, R 10197 to Turin.

    We thought so: R 6236 to Ventimiglia consisted of an EMU meeting another one at Cervo (see video, also for the great ride)! You can spot the old orange-yellow livery through the coat of paint...

    After arrival at Ventimiglia I had to buy a ticket to Nice first - which proved impossible. The ticket counter couldn't issue French tickets because of a computer error and referred me to the travel agent. The travel office had preprinted SNCF tickets (!) but none to Nice and referred me to the conductor of the train, who of course never showed up. This was also very noticeable about the trip: we were only controlled about five times during the whole week! Maybe they could put up a SNCF ticket machine at Ventimiglia, on the other hand - I will write later about these damn things...

    Our ALe left Ventimiglia again, ...

    ... and from the other direction our nice old SNCF commuter rake arrived.

    Thankfully you can't renew these with sticker logos... ;-D

    On the way, just a nice place by the sea! ;-)

    At Nice Ville we met this TGV Duplex

    Our train, RE 81234 to Cannes-la-Bocca pulled by BB 25665, was lighted beautifully as it departed

    Impressions from the great shed

    On the walk to the hotel we were surprised by unusual masses of people, we even ran into a human traffic jam! We left our luggage at the smallest room of the trip and returned to the station from where RE 81223 brought us to Monaco-Monte Carlo.

    Don't worry, for your security the car is equipped with video surveillance! ;-D

    Inside the brightly lit station of Monaco, when does the next train arrive?

    Now we played a little voyeur, although the rich are also here already a minority. Obviously they noticed that mass tourism brings more money...

    On the street uphill to the casino your Ferrari can show its horsepower... ;-)

    The Ferrari roundtrip tours pass frequently, obviously you are allowed to get your car up to 100 kph inside the city, provided you have the right one... ;-D

    RE 81254 brought us back to the hotel, next morning a visit to the Alps will follow...

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Impressed as always with your photography and the places you visit. Thanks for sharing your trips with us, it always gives me something to shoot for.
    - Rosco

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    Love the beach shots! The Prancing Horses were pretty nice, too.
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    Defective Railfan Out!

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    Hi, guys!


    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Talking Mediterranean Cruise III Cervo-nice-Manaco

    Very nice shots. Very impressed with the scenery and the composition of your subject material.

    Cuesta Grader.

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    WOW! (The car is nice also). Seriously, the pictures are superb and extremely varied.

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