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Thread: Mediterranean Cruise II: Genova (50 p.)

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    Default Mediterranean Cruise II: Genova (50 p.)

    Mediterranean Rail Cruise 2008
    from Milano Centrale to Barcelona Sants by local train

    Part 2:
    Along the coast south of Genova, August 17

    The video for this part:


    On we go at noon from Milano Centrale towards Genoa by local train R 1785 which doesn't take much longer for the distance than InterCities.

    At Tortona there was a "little" smoke coming from both bogies of our car, some people fled into other coaches - as if they would be save there in case of brake failure... ;-) However, the train crew fixed the problem quickly and we left with hardly any delay.

    In Arquata Scrivia we sighted a FS freight train despite of the Italian holiday season Ferragosto, but it should be the only freight we would see in Italy.

    Entering the interesting station Genova Piazza Principe. At first we were confused by the Genovese railroad line layout until we found out that the European online train database doesn't register the underground platforms of Piazza Principe as being in the same station. So instead of a 1 minute walk it suggests weird connections by train to neighbouring stations for trains halting in the underground... ;-D

    For a convenient afternoon we left our luggage at the hotel - of course with fresco ceiling!

    In the Via Balbi in front of the hotel modern Trolleybusses were running

    The station was only 2 minutes walking distance from the hotel, but for this trip this was just a mediocre value, only in Nice the hotel was 5 minutes from the main station. Oh well, I guess aging does make you softer... ;-)

    The square in front of the nice old station

    Yes, we are in Genoa!

    For exploring south we take R 2051 on the long run Turin - Pisa

    At one of the many Genovese stations we met this nice old ALe 801 (I guess so, I can't really differentiate the similar sub types) on a commuter run to Arquata Scrivia. It will be the only one for this day, but the next day... ;-)

    After we spotted nice views at Zoagli but not all trains halting there, we had to act quickly at the next station Chiavari and changed the platform. Here a rear shot of our train leaving, the 15 minutes delayed R 24540 brought us then to Zoagli.

    There we caught R 2052 Livorno - Turin pulled by E 656 579 passing the beach one tunnel from Zoagli station. Attention: the following two pictures can only be made by taking the right half from a few steps ahead and putting them together as a panorama, otherwise there is a tree in the way! ;-)

    IC 666 "Fausto Coppi" La Spezia - Milan follows shortly later with a slightly sprayed E 402 B. Apart from a few E 464s and an E 402 with IC we had refreshingly few modern locos, the next day the ratio was even better.

    R 21213 pushed by E 464 143 stops punctually at Zoagli

    The oldtimer highlight was E 646 170

    There is limited bathing space along the rocky coast

    A lantern is burning... ;-)

    Cisalpino 175 "Cinque Terre" Schaffhausen - Livorno with an E 444 passing punctually enough...

    ... so we could reach R 2194 six minutes later, otherwise we would have had to wait 2 hours for the last train leaving from Zoagli.

    Local train under palm trees! ;-D

    We got out at Genova Nervi where you can only take pictures on the platform, but the sea views are great and the position of the sun was perfect!

    At 7:31 p.m. E 464 431 with R 1772 Livorno - Savona came by

    After changing tracks R 1799 to Parma stopped to let an InterCity overtake. Exactly the same happened as we went south in the afternoon (see video).

    What's going on? Two crazy guys will sprint down the platform... ;-D

    The massively late IC 539 "Donatello" Turin - Florence overtaking pulled by an E 402

    With 10 minutes delay the local train could also move on

    And the procedure repeated itself: R 2055 Turin - La Spezia getting put aside

    The last sunrays

    IC 661 "Versilia" Milan - Livorno blasting by with E 656 297

    From the opposite direction IC 1534 "Maremma" Grosseto - Milan with E 656 448

    "Looney Tunes"-decorated "Moby Wonder" approaches Genoa from Sardinia or Corsica ;-D

    At 8:30 p.m. R 11312 arrived which was supposed to get us back to the hotel

    Trainride along (inside) the Mediterranean Sea

    Out of unexplained reasons we had to change train at Genova Brignole (from E 656 578 to 580 ;-)), but at last we arrived at Piazza Principe.

    Shunting loco in front of Genovese hillside background

    A preview of the next day.

    Already a lot of international passengers had gathered to depart on various trains, but we could get some sleep before moving on. See you at the next part! :-)

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Wow! Looks like you had a good time. The colorful architecture and palm trees
    are a real attraction besides the trains. You caught the sunsets and the ocean perfectly. Nice place to visit!

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    I always enjoy your photos and trip reports. Thanks for sharing.
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    Defective Railfan Out!

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    Really enjoy your photo's. Always nice to see stuff outside of the US. It's also nice to see 'full sized' pictures instead of the thumbnails. I miss when all the pictures at RRF were full sized, but I understand Bob's Bandwidth.
    RRF Photo Gallery

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    Thanks, guys!

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Brilliant and interesting photography, as always.

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