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Thread: Bicci & Onri Railroad

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    Hi! I'm new to your forum and hopefully you'll be able to guide me! I purchased a coffee mug that has ONRI on the front and was told it belonged to a railroad. The only information I have been able to find is there at one time was a Bicci & Onri backwoods logging railroad in California. Has anyone heard of this railroad line?

    Thanks for your help!

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    There was an HO model railroad by that name featured in an old issue of either Model Railroader or Railroad Model Craftsman. The article appeared many years ago. I am not sure if there was also a real rail line by that name or not.

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    Here's a link to the model rr with that tongue-in-cheek name:
    Ed Schopperth

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    Papio - thanks so much for that information. That's the website I originally found where I got what little information I have. It shows pictures of the train and the station that evidently was burnt down but that was the most I've been able to find. I can't even find any information on the town Mickey Terry states on his website. The cup I have is from the 1950's so I have to assume there was really a train named Onri. I have a railroad china book but it doesn't have anything on it. I doubt if a china company would produce any dining china for a fictitious or HO scale train but I could be totally wrong.

    thanks so much again!!!!

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    Looking at his bio on the web site, he states that the rr is actually a highly detailed diorama, so much so that photos of it have been thought by some to be documentary evidence of a full-scale Bicci & Onri RR (although it never existed beyond the diorama). As for making cups or other items with company names or logos, there are a number of specialty firms that will make such items for a price.
    Ed Schopperth

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    nice tongue in cheek touch

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