In the morning of February 6, the final day in China, we visited the depot where you have to pay entrance fee.
There are coal collectors here, but just as the steamers they will probably disappear soon. Most steamers are only simmering in front of the shed as reserve.

This time the sun rises in typical Pingdingshan air pollution mood

If you avoid the diesels, you can still get a nice JS class parade

Now we entered the workshop

QJ 6786 is getting a main overhaul, a little sensation for the year 2008, but steam operation is kept up until complete dieselization in 2009!

Again a nice light atmosphere in the shed

Every beat with the hammer produced a little dust cloud

Welding is always beautiful!

The young wild one ;D

The wheels of the loco in a line

This was a little too much fire rain, it finally started a fire under some piece of heavy machinery. Of course the other workers were not too pleased. They had to get a crane and lift the equipment to extinguish the fire

Extra smokey mood

Now it was time to move on to the morning passenger...