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Thread: Winter in China 11: Pingdingshan, 1st morning (50 p.)

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    Default Winter in China 11: Pingdingshan, 1st morning (50 p.)


    After landing at the airport of Zhengzhou we still had a 2 1/2 hour busride to Pingdingshan ahead of us where we arrived shortly before midnight. The black limousines in front of the hotel indicated frequent visitation by functionaries, and so we went up in the elevator accompanied by ladies of the night and down again the next morning...

    Because of some wind on February 5 the sky was quite clear compared to the usual cloud of dust surrounding the 5-million-city Pingdingshan almost permanently

    Sadly many diesel locos built in 2007 were added

    But there still is steam, this time no SYs but JS class ("Jian She" - "Construction")

    Somehow they remind me of certain Indian diesel loco types...

    Entering the depot, the beast is lurking in the background

    A maintenance crew goes to work

    First entrance of the giants: a pair of QJs (without deflectors)

    The crossing guard, no glorious uniform but Nike jacket (or "Nike" jacket?)

    The supervisor and the giants

    No second is wasted, just as the QJs have passed the workers go back to work

    The opposite of European railroad workers: too many are working on one spot, one is watching... ;D

    And the intellectual group moves on, some could speak better English than hotel personnel (all hotel personnel, even in Beijing)

    The morning passenger passes, pulled like next day by JS 8065

    After all diesels have left on duty there is finally some steam action to be seen in the yard

    "BNSF goes to China" a.k.a. "What were they thinking?" - I have seen many copies, from cars to other things of daily usage, but this ugly monster takes the cake! ;D
    At least you can see the namegiving mountain for Pingdingshan - "mountain with flat top", 666 lucky steps lead to its summit. But now it was time to follow the QJs...

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    omehow they remind me of certain Indian diesel loco types...
    If I was to guess I would put my money on WDM3D. I tried to picture it but I cannot bring myself to compare it to a WDM2. The roofline seems too different over the cab.
    Good stuff.
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