We continue at a mine inside the city

The level crossing is operated from an elevated position

A spoil tip above the city

With poor farm building

A depot near appartment blocks, at that time we saw 3 steamers and 2 diesels

Appartment with view

House entrance right next to the steamer

Maybe you noticed some electrification. From the 60s to the mid 90s these electrics were in service. Today there is no more electric operation

A CNR DF 8B passes by

SY 1320 once more

Shunting near one of the big level crossings

Another stabling point with some steamers

A train on the main line next to the stabling point

There are still some poor people living in the houses to the right, you can even spot on ornamental lantern for the New Year...

Back to the main line during the sunset

Next morning we returned to the same spot, four steamers are being prepared for service

Coal collector at work

The power station is already lit by the sun

Living between the remains of old settlements, maybe not long and there will be modern building blocks here as well...

Shunting on the mainline

Finally some sun on the steamers

With steam shadow!