In the morning we visited one of the stabling points in the city of Fuxin where steamers are being prepared for their day of service. On February 3 we found at least six SYs (plus several passing by) and one brand new DF 5D diesel

Steam maintenance in front of newly built appartment blocks

The polished diesel

SY 1320, the local star loco with red star

With shadow

Chopping off ice is also part of wintertime daily routine

After some time the locos spread out into all directions, in the background you can see the power station

Lady in yellow

Fire and ice

To cross the tracks even the smallest ones had to leave their comfortable seat...

At the other side

A garbage dump with carts was situated right next to the stabling point

On the way to the next photo spot we passed a sunday market

A state railroad freight train in the background

Meat laying open along the dusty road. In Fuxin your hands became black, even if you touched nothing but your photo equipment...

Of course there also were fireworks for the new year. Our bus didn't even have to stop for photography, it wasn't possible to drive faster than walking speed anyway. The next day the whole market was gone

The next spot was one of the nicest landscape views in Fuxin with steep grade in front of a mine. We knew when the train was coming, just not that it would be diesel...

At least it was the only time we were disappointed by a single train on a countryside spot. In the background there was a church, the round structures are used for drying corn, straw and other agricultural products and are common in China.

Back in the city. The usual response of level guards to the question when the next train would come: "In several ten minutes!"

Steam between newly built appartments

Carambolage tricyclique

A tricycle almost fell over in China...