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Thread: Winter in China 7: Nanpiao, lineside (40 p.)

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    Default Winter in China 7: Nanpiao, lineside (40 p.)


    Video for this part:

    The map again

    The first photo spot on the northern line:

    A nice scene with a lime kiln

    After a short stop the steam train appears out of the natural and artificial morning fog at Zaojiatun

    Next spot at the bridge near Qiaotou, in the background the motorway on which we arrived last evening. First the BJ returns with the passenger from Linghai

    The water was steaming in the morning sun

    Steam train with slight reflection

    A very extreme location: at Liudongfang a mine shaft broke in submerging the whole valley floor including houses and the road. Only the rooftops are looking out of the resulting partly frozen lake crossed by the dirt road on a dam. Traffic is quite colorful, of course the functionaries are using black limousines with darkened windows as everywhere in China. Especially at that spot we saw several brand new Audi A8, even an A8-meeting right on that dam could be witnessed! ;D

    After overtaking the train

    Maintenance on the run

    Shunting at the level crossing to the spoil dump near Daxigou

    The empty train back

    This type of level crossing could often be seen

    Walking to the spoil dump

    Lunch break at Zaojiatun

    Also for us, as often we just walked into the first restaurant in sight. Meanwhile arrangements were made with the dispatcher to use the steam loco on the southern line in the afternoon.

    A few shots of an illegal mine, the people there weren't too happy about photographers afterwards. Illegal doesn't mean hidden, by the way, everyone from police to local government is earning his share.

    Now the steam train departed Xiamiaozi towards the south, a scene with our new hotel building to the right and the shadow of the train

    The train reversing at the Hongshila cement works where it shunted on the branch line to the power station

    While the steamer was at the power station the afternoon passenger passed by on the mainline

    The steam train returns on the power station tracks, I especially like the hills which have much more extreme forms than their European counterparts because of very soft Loess soil

    Dust and steam at the cement works. We were lucky to have a quite calm day, otherwise there would have been a lot of dust in the air at Nanpiao

    Our type of bus at Zhalai Nuer and Nanpiao - Fuxin

    The last spot before sunset at the tuc-tuc-stand

    Nice ladder...

    Shortly before the sun disappeared (not from the climbing spot... )

    Now we had to endure another 3 hour busride to Fuxin, here a last view at the rivers and mountains of Nanpiao out of the bus on the motorway


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    Glad you like it!

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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