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Thread: BNSF paint schemes

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    Default BNSF paint schemes

    I am looking for all the current paint schemes out on the BNSF these days. Here is what I have but know it's not all inclusive.

    9297 (prototype H1)
    H2-small lettering
    H2-large lettering
    H3-black lettering
    H3-yellow lettering
    9647 (the "Vomit Bonnet")
    Warbonnet w/BNSF on the side
    Warbonnet w/Santa Fe on the side
    Cascade green & black (Not sure how many variations of this one) Tiger stripes, white face, white stripes etc.

    Any help filling in the gaps would be great.
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    Will This Help, I FOUND IT ON THE WEB.
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    H1 (Standard cab units, as well as BNSF 960-1123 and BNSF 8177 (formerly 9277))
    H2 - Small letters, straight stripes, green underneath (BNSF 739, 740, 4720-4880)
    H2 - Small letters, curved stripes, green underneath (BNSF 4881-4928)
    H2 - Big letters, green underneath (BNSF 4300-4422, 4929-4999)
    H2 - Big letters, orange underneath (BNSF 4000-4199, 4423-4699, 5000-5532, 5600-5747, 5838-5840, 7650-7743, 8800-8989, 9838-9999, plus repainted widecabs)
    H3 (BNSF 5748-5837, 5844-6238, 7744-7799, plus repainted widecabs)
    H4 (BNSF 2000-2039, plus repainted standard cabs)

    Warbonnet - Santa Fe on front AND sides (ex-ATSF widecabs)
    Warbonnet - BNSF on sides, Santa Fe on the front (some ex-ATSF widecabs as well as Warbonnets ordered after the merger: BNSF 700-724, 8251-8275)
    Warbonnet - BNSF on the front AND sides (Warbonnets ordered after the merger: 4700-4719 and 8276-8301)
    Bluebonnet - (ex-ATSF standard cabs)

    Cascade Green with safety stripes - (ex-BN standard cabs)
    Cascade Green "Whiteface" - (ex-BN standard cabs, plus SD60Ms 8100-8199)
    Whiteface with Large BN Logos on sides: (ex-BN GP50s: BNSF 3110-3161, and SD40-2 #7812)
    Whiteface with Operation Lifesaver: (BNSF 1510, 1521, 1522)
    Executive - With BN or BNSF logos on the front (ex-BN SD70MACs: those delivered both before and after the merger in Executive: BNSF 9400-9499, 9504-9837)

    BN Green "Pill" scheme: BNSF 2911, 2931
    BN Green with BNSF logo: BNSF 8070
    BN Whiteface with stripes: BNSF 2903
    ATSF Pinstripe on the Beep: BNSF 1460
    ATSF Bluebonnet with BNSF lettering: BNSF 2472
    Great Pumpkin: BNSF 8197 (ex-9297)
    Barfbonnet: BNSF 9647
    Former BN 1991 (Has GE H2 scheme with 3 lower yellow stripes rather than 2): BNSF 8199
    First New Logo, small front logo - BNSF 7687
    Yellow New Logo - BNSF 7695

    Here's another compilation at the "other site":,nodelay=1
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    the "Vomit Bonnet" ???
    There exists, but you can't get there from here.

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    I just saw it a year ago..
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    Quote Originally Posted by NMRX105 View Post
    So it isn't yours then? Unless you have received permission, post a link instead of copying the photo and posting it to avoid copyright problems.
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    I'd take that "Vomit Bonnet" over the ugly orange and crap color they use now.

    They should have kept the BN green and black and the ATSF warbonnet red if you ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon Werner View Post
    the "Vomit Bonnet" ???
    Here's a link to a page of pics of it;

    Also here's a link to a unit with another "one-of-a-kind scheme not yet mentioned in this post:
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    That round herald on the 8070 would have looked better if it was green and white don't you think?
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