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Thread: Winter in China 5: Zhalai Nuer, 2nd evening at the pit & trainride (40 p.)

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    Default Winter in China 5: Zhalai Nuer, 2nd evening at the pit & trainride (40 p.)


    The video for this part:

    At about 2:30 p.m. we went to the other side of the pit for another perspective:

    How many locos can you count?

    The road into town

    Back at the Disneyland-like entrance to the mine. This time we weren't that lucky, some security-guys showed up, but after a phonecall to the highest boss of the mine we were allowed the go down into the pit accompanied by one of them. The desired spot down there didn't turn out to be that good for the others afterwards. However, it didn't matter for me as I had planned a panoramic tour along the upper rim of the pit anyway.

    The passenger train approaches pushing some freight cars. You can also see the rows of abandoned cars, ten trains in total, the pit is supposed to completely close down in 2010.

    A steam train on the horizon for the whole time

    The passenger passing

    A last view at the amazing cold pit, 5 p.m.

    After a change of clothes and dinner we walked from our hotel (to the left) across the square to Zhalai Nuer Xi (West) station.

    Train 2624 Manzhouli - Dalian with DF4D 0104 arrived punctually at 20:14

    Most part of the 20 hour / 1500 km trip we spent in the soft sleeper, similar to a European 4-bed couchette with slightly higher comfort (although the water was frozen in Inner Mongolia, only the next morning we got hot water in buckets). For impressions from the trainride see the video.

    Arrival at Shenyang next afternoon, from Harbin we were pulled by an electric loco. Now we had to endure a 3 1/2 hour busride to Nanpiao, apart from the last 20 minutes mostly on brand new copies of western motorways. More about Nanpiao in the next part...

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