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Thread: German locomotive!

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    Default German locomotive!


    So now my first picture! This is one of many electric locomotive on which I am educated. This is the Series 110, 16440m long and an output of about 5000 hp. This series had last year, your 50 year old.

    Recording in operating plant Stuttgart Rosenstein, 6 February 2008

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    Her come´s the next picture of German Railroads.

    1. Is a electric lokomotive the Series 110.1 (This Shot tonight at the Mainstation Stuttgart)

    the next picture ist the successor of the Series 110.1/110.3, her Seriesname ist 111.

    this picture ist a locomotiv Series 143 from Deutsche Reichsbahn(DDR) in Stuttgart

    This is the newest elektric lokomotiv,146.2 . She is built by Bombardier

    and the last picture is a motorcoatch Series 425(long version)

    I hope you like my picture´s


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    Thanks for posting these. It is always interesting to see today's railroads in Europe. I love those red electrics!

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    The new transport Red Painting is not bad. But I like the old (blue, green, oldred) better, was simple yet colorful on the routes, but the times are gone, unfortunately

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    This week in Karlsruhe. 110321 continues with a special train through Germany. Wagons and locomotive are labels!

    Many greetings

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    Excellent photos! Look forward to seeing more from that area.
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    Thank you! Here, I have the next one.

    Photo 1: electric railcars of the series 425th Seen in Horb

    Photo 2: Last Tuesday, 2 pm in Singen (Hohentwiel) 146204 waiting for your use with a double-decker train

    Photo 3: This is a three-phase lok of the Swiss Federal Railways in the crosses in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim

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    Today I have for you a picture of 110,325 in August 2007. It was a promotional train company Ameropa, now is the locomotive back red.

    See you soon

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    Maxima 40 CC Voith Turbo in Slovakia! Report with photos by:


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    What photos? Something must have happened.


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