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Thread: Hunter Hobby Park: Riverside, CALIF

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    Default Hunter Hobby Park: Riverside, CALIF

    When I was a very young little girl, (yes, as a matter of fact I did cry when the dinosaurs died) my mom used to take me to a park that offered free rides on a miniature train.

    I called her tonight and she let me know that the park STILL exists, she passes it often, and yes, they still give free rides on occasion. They have some kind of deal with the city that they can use the land, in exchange for the free rides to the public.

    Here is a webpage that shows images of the trains. *sniff* Aren't they beautiful?

    The official website.


    *thinking I really must do something extra special for Mom on Mother's Day this year*

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    If you, or anyone else can get there and take some video to share online (oncoming, passing, going away type of stuff) on their next run day, I would really appreciate seeing it.

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    Looks all nice and warm down there. I could use a few shorts/short sleeves hot sunny days.
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    Leia, I also have fond memories of a riding these as a child - in my case the LA Live Steamers in Griffith Park:

    Good times!

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    Phil, great link. It makes me want one of those engines for myself.

    *thinking she needs to start buying lottery tickets*

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    Okay, all kidding aside....I started to wonder how much it would cost to own one of these little engines in case I ever do win the lotto.

    I found a 1 1/2" scale 4-6-2 Pacific engine for $40,500.

    If you buy one unassembled, like a 1" Scale machined 4-6-4 HUDSON with a boiler, you can save a lot and pick it up for around $15,000.

    Then there is the price of the track, cars, etc etc etc....but if you win the lottery, it could be fun to throw into the rolling hills of your new home's back yard.

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    A 1" scale Hudson would fall between the tracks as the gauge would be 4.75"

    Most (but not all) passenger carrying tracks on the West Coast are 7.5" Gauge

    40K is a lot for a Pacific. It should be possible to find one for half that.

    Trevor Heath

    or, just for you Leia, http://www.livesteaming.com/ladies_of_live_steam.htm

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    The Chula Vista Live Steamers used to have a similar arrangement at Rohr Park in Chula Vista, CA (south of San Diego). I don't know if they still do, but I have fond memories of being a Sunday afternoon "conductor" when my kids were little.

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    There are several places to run 1 1/2" scale live steam trains in the Seattle area. I have a good friend who is building his second engine. He has $14,000 and four years of work in his first one and he is about 30% complete on the second one. He is also involved in the Northwest Railway Museum.
    He showed me one of the tender trucks he just finished on his new engine and the truck itself weighed around 60 lbs. So if you get one you must have equipment to handle it.
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    "There are several places to run 1 1/2" scale live steam trains in the Seattle area."


    Do tell........


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