Hi everyone....I'm new to these forums (which are great, btw). Because I've always been interested in RR history, I've put some history in a novel I am writing---but now I'm just not sure if my facts are correct.

Here's the short version:
YEAR: 1890 Passenger leaves New York City from Grand Central Terminal. Here are the trains she takes to get to San Francisco---unless you tell me otherwise!
New York Central to Chicago;
Tansfer in Chicago to the Chicago, Burlington & Missouri RR to Council Bluffs, Iowa;
Transfer in Council Bluffs, Iowa to Union Pacific RR...travels over the Union Pacific Bridge to cross the Missouri River to Omaha, Nebraska. In Nebraska, character stays at The Millard Hotel. The next day, she boards a train, with Pullman cars, for the west coast. What is name of train out of Omaha if she's going to Oakland? What if she's going to Los Angeles?

I know this is a lot to ask, but in addition to wanting to know if I've got her on the right trains out of New York, I would appreciate knowing what train gets her to either (or both) Oakland and/or Los Angeles from Omaha. All or any part of an answer will be most appreciated! This is in 1890, but I'm flexible, and could set this part of the story in 1889, 1890 or 1891. Thanks