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Thread: Brunswick, MD MARC Station

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    Post Brunswick, MD MARC Station

    Location: Brunswick MARC Station Nearest City: Point of Rocks, MD

    Railroads: CSX, MARC, Amtrak

    How To Get There: FROM POINT OF ROCKS, MD: Make a right onto US-15 northbound. Turn left onto MD-464 after about a mile on US-15 northbound and go approximately 5 miles until you reach a traffic light in front of Brunswick High School. 464 makes a 90 degree right turn here, but you should continue straight across the intersection onto 94th Avenue. Turn left at the stop sign onto East B Street, which becomes 10th Avenue, and eventually East Potomac Street (MD-478) as it twists downhill. The tracks of Brunswick Yard will appear through the trees to your left. Around 3rd Street, a parking lot on the left affords a good view and a metered parking lot ahead near 1st Street offers a view of the engine service facility and WB Tower.

    Continue on Potomac Street to the next traffic light and turn left onto Maple Avenue which leads down to the MARC station and the tracks.

    Train Information: There are four tracks at the station with the commuter parking lot in between them. This is CSX's Metropolitan Subdivision. You can expect to see at least 20 CSX trains during daylight hours including manifest freights, 2 intermodals (1 east/1 west), rock runner, locals, automotive, coal for destinations in the south, and empty coal trains. In addition, Amtrak's Capitol Limited runs daily in both directions from D.C. to Chicago. During the week, MARC runs commuter service between D.C. and Martinsburg, WV with a total of 20 trains a day. You can also shoot the power in the yard which consists of yard power and helpers for Old Main Line coal trains.


    160.230 (CSX Road/Brunswick Yard WB Tower)
    160.320 (AU Dispatcher)
    160.530 (Brunswick Yardmaster)

    Other Information:

    The station platform has several bubble shelters with seats to get out of the rain or sun. The parking lot is now equipped with video surveillance cameras put in place by MTA. Also rail related is the Brunswick Railroad Museum:


    Each year, the first weekend in October, the railroad museum and town of Brunswick hold the Brunswick Railroad Days celebration. MARC usually runs an excursion train throughout the day. (Originally it used to run from Brunswick to Martinsburg, WV, but now runs from Brunswick to Frederick, MD due to high volume of freight traffic). There is usually lots of good food to be had and porta pottys are set up; everything needed by the modern railfan.

    Some pictures:

    1. The MARC station (These 2 tracks are for MARC trains heading west to Martinsburg):

    2. MARC GP40WH-2 57 leads MARC excursion train, P973, westbound and stopped by WB Tower on the CSX Metropolitan Subdivision in Brunswick, Maryland on 05 October 2002.

    3. Amtrak P42DC No. 71 leads P030, the "Capital Limited," eastbound in Brunswick, Maryland on 27 September 2003.

    4. CSX SD70MAC No. 4757 leads CSX manifest freight train, L415, eastbound on the Metropolitan Subdivision in Brunswick, Maryland on 03 October 2004.

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  2. Default Pic. # 4 Brunswick, Maryland ?

    Great pics Jeff, and I love the opening on your home page.
    Now I know that this pic # 4 says that it's Brunswick, Maryland, however I really think that it looks like it's Cumberland, as that looks like the back of the Holiday Inn on the left of the picture. I got some good pics there myself.
    Just my observations and I may by wrong.

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    You're correct on picture #4. I must have taken a better picture of the locomotive after I posted the Brunswick picture and I just overwrite my older pictures. I guess I should delete it out of this thread.
    Visit, Jeff's Train Site, your one-stop shop for locomotive and rolling stock pictures, railfan information, links, and more.

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    Nice shots Jeff.

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    Working in Brunswick, MD for a few days and went by this caboose next to the MARC station

    Name:  caboose Brunswick, MD 4-29-16.png
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