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Thread: Video: UP 844 at 70+mph

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    Default Video: UP 844 at 70+mph

    Here is a brief 25 second video I took of the 844 at Celilo doing every bit of track speed.
    Brian Bundridge
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    awesome! What a sight...
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    Awesome video Brian!! The detector at MP 92.7 said 77 MPH!! I hope someone recorded that!
    As FoamersNW would say...Movin...YAH....Groovin...YAH!!!
    Drew Mitchem
    3 Blocks from the BNSF Gallup Sub, the Transcon!
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    Superb video Brian and thank you VERY much for posting it!
    FYI this location would be just south and across the Columbia River from Wishram, WA.
    Google maps shows this as a very small place called "Celilo Village".
    Here is a "TinyURL" link to the Google Map showing this location in the center:

    --- Daniel

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    Incredible! Great clip! Awesome display of grace in power and speed...
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    as the dispatchers on the rathole used to say "no use chasing her, shes JIST A' FLYIN!"

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    Poetry in steamin' motion !!! WOW !!
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    Blew the hat right off my head - sitting here on the couch! WOW!

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    Thanks for sharing Brian!


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    Its coming, still coming, and its here, and it's gone.

    Awesome video Brian! I wish I could have gone, stupid school.
    -Reed Skyllingstad
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