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Thread: And now... it's: Part 5 - Dublin (50 p.)

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    Smile And now... it's: Part 5 - Dublin (50 p.)


    For videos see:

    Itinerary for April 16:

    Holyhead dep 2:40 (Irish Ferries "Ulysses")
    Dublin Ferryport arr 5:55
    Bus to Dublin Heuston

    Dublin Heuston dep 7:35 (Iarnród Éireann IÉ Arrow 2900 -> Kildare)
    Kildare arr 8:24

    Kildare dep 10:50 (IÉ Arrow 2900)
    Dublin Heuston arr 11:39

    Luas (tram) to Dublin Connolly
    Dublin Connolly dep 12:41 (IÉ DART 8300 -> Greystones)
    Killiney arr 13:16
    Killiney dep 13:25 (IÉ DART 8600 -> Bray)
    Bray arr 13:32
    Bray dep 14:01 (IÉ DART 8300 -> Greystones)
    Greystones arr 14:10
    Greystones dep 14:20 (IÉ DART 8300 -> Howth)
    Dublin Pearse arr 15:07

    Taxi to Dublin Ferryport
    Dublin Ferryport dep 20:55 (Irish Ferries "Ulysses")

    After a pleasant second half of the night inside a cabin on the ferry I immediately took a bus to Dublin Heuston station to the west of Dublin. For the first and only time on the trip it got a little wet outside but I never really was in the rain.

    At Dublin Heuston I was greeted properly by 077 (class 071 (with IÉ the first loco number of a class simply is the class number), GM model JT22CW, built 1977)

    Of course including nice old rake

    I went to Kildare about 50 km west of Dublin because all lines going west from Dublin Heuston are still running jointly here. 234 (class 201, GM JT42HCW, 1994) in new livery arrives with an IC next to the class 2900 DMU which had brought me here. The loco chassis obviously wasn't constructed for Irish broad gauge (1600 mm)...

    227 blasts through the station with one of the new hourly ICs to Cork

    Now the IC from Cork with new push-pull rake and trailer car towards Dublin

    One of the relatively rare freight trains, also pulled by class 201

    232 passes with an IC from Limerick

    A work vehicle is being cleaned at the adjoining maintenance facility

    Meeting of the next pushed IC from Cork and an IC to Galway

    The 20 minutes late IC from Waterford next to an older push-pull trailer car

    204 arrives with an IC to Limerick

    The guard with green flag and orange coach

    Meanwhile a 141 (GM JL8, 1963) and a 181 (GM JL18, 1966) waited for departure, and finally a class 071 came by

    And provided a great spectacle

    As soon as the IC to Waterford cleared the line the two smaller GMs could leave

    The class 2900 DMU returned from Dublin, viewed from the road bridge (quite narrow and dangerous, not advisable as long-time spot )

    The pedestrian bridge at Kildare

    And another IC to Cork

    The maintenance vehicle also entered the mainline

    And a nice conclusion with this class 141

    Back to Dublin: a few wide angle shots with Luas and the pretty front of Heuston station

    After a ride on Luas at Connolly station

    Inside Connolly station (no, not Heuston )

    The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) line at Connolly - if it reminds you a little of Japan, yes, these class 8500/8600 EMUs were built by Mitsui, other DART-types by LHB and Alstom

    My southbound class 8300 DART

    Saw a nice place and got out at Killiney, how many DARTs can you spot on the photo? ;D

    Sadly I couldn't avoid the mast, but at least I caught the same DART seen here, only 9 minutes stay were necessary for the last pics

    Arrived at Bray, a DART terminal, some DARTs go on to Greystones and DMUs further to Rosslare - for the nice section Bray-Greystones see the video

    Back to Dublin centre, at the beautiful Pearse station

    Finally two meetings Luas/DART near Connolly, the first one real, the second virtual (the two Luas real)


    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Amazing Roni, simply amazing. I gotta ask though, are you shooting RAW or just jpeg? Those images are amazingly clear and crisp. I applaud you at your patience in taking these well planned shots.
    Brian Bundridge
    Puyallup, Washington
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    Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad Conductor/Student Engineer

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    Thanks, Brian!

    It's JPEG, otherwise I would have to transfer them to a laptop or iPOD all the time with the amount of photos I am taking.

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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