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Thread: Locomotive Sinks in Ninneskau river

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    Default Locomotive Sinks in Ninneskau river

    Subject: sunken locomotive

    Info from the Wichita Eagle & Beacon
    at the time

    Thursday, April 23, 1885
    Article reports railway accident at 4:00 a.m.yesterday in which freight engine No. 3 of the St.
    Louis, Ft. Scott, and Wichita Railroad went through the Ninnescah bridge a mile southwest of Clearwater, Kansas
    into the flood waters, drowning the engineer. This was the construction train. The flood had washed away the
    center bent of the bridge leaving the stringers and ties hanging in place.

    Saturday, April 25, 1885 B
    The engine that fell through the bridge at Clearwater is still under the tide in the depth of ten feet.
    Tuesday, April 28, 1885
    All the engineers on this end of the Ft. Scott road accompanied
    the remains of Engineer McDaniels to Ft. Scott last Saturday. On Sunday it was found necessary
    to send a train out to the Ninnescah bridge with material, and no engineers being on hand, Mr. Bauman,
    who has charge of the engines in this city, put his daughter, Bessie, a school girl, in charge of the
    engine, furnished her with a fireman, and she did her work nobly, handling the throttle and guiding the iron
    steed as well as the best man on the road. The girl has frequently run the engine about the yard, but
    never before made a trip on the road.

    Tuesday, April 28, 1885 B
    The engine which went through the Ninnescah bridge at Clearwater has not been found and may have struck
    quick sand. The body of the drowned engineer was found far down the river.
    Thursday, April 30, 1885 B
    The sunken engine at Clearwater is said to have been found this morning by probing, in the channel of the
    river in eight or ten feet of quick sand.
    Friday, May 1, 1885
    The engine of the Ft. Scott road that went through the Ninnescah bridge has not been found yet.

    Tuesday, January 9, 2007
    Charles Keevert / Railfan - Hutchinson, Kansas
    I heard about the sunken locomotive just this week and asked if anyone had heard about it - Several from around the state responded - It really got my curiosity stirring till I realized it must be gone forever -

    Isn't it stories like this that makes us Rail Fans

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    Sounds interesting somthing to check out some day. Gotta be a risk taker!

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