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Thread: Ohio Central purchases NKP 763 from VMOT

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    Default Ohio Central purchases NKP 763 from VMOT


    TRAINS: COSHOCTON, Ohio - Ohio Central Railroad System announced Thursday it has purchased Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4 Berkshire-type No. 763 from the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke. To symbolize the agreement, Ohio Central CEO Jerry Joe Jacobson stood in front of the 1944 Lima product with museum Executive Director Bev Fitzpatrick following a meeting where Ohio Central agreed to purchase the locomotive.

    Several options were discussed for the swapping of steam locomotives to bring the big "Berk" back home to the Buckeye State, where it ran in fast freight service until Nickel Plate dieselized in 1958, but both organizations were in agreement that a straight cash sale would be better suited for all concerned. Details of the sale were not announced.

    When NKP dieselized its road power in 1958, the 763 was stored in the yard at Bellevue, Ohio, for future donation to that town. However, after the 1964 merger of NKP into Norfolk & Western, N&W took the locomotive to its headquarters city of Roanoke, where 763 has been displayed until now.

    Ohio Central has nine other steam locomotives, three of which are operational, and will bring 763 to its Morgan Run Shop this spring. Barring unforeseen mechanical hurdles, OC shop forces will rebuild the 763 for service. - John B. Corns
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    6325 and 763, this is me drooling.

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    I always was curious why the original plans to use 763 and another of it's class on the American Freedom Train never came to pass. I know Ross Rowland is on here from time to time, would love to know the reason.
    I saw her sitting in Roanoke in 1981 when I was 11. I had no idea at the time I'd see 611 and 1218 run a few years later. I guess that means I'll have to go out and see 763 once she's in steam as well!
    Lee Bishop

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    Default nice

    Jerry Jacobson contiunes to suprise me with his view on steam, one minute there done with excursions the next they restore another locomotive. Personally I think his goal is to havethe largest all steam freight railroad out there. Good Luck

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    Beats having her rusting away in some park, Id make the drive to Ohio to see an operating Northern and Berkshire any day

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    man you gotta love steam!!!!!! my son lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvess berkshires his favorite is 757 at pennsilvania rail museum

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    Default 763-o/c

    The last word out of Roanoke was not good. Seems the engine is still owned by the City of Roanoke and for the deal to happen the City Council must approve the sale to the O/C. Last word I had some weeks ago was that there had been some strong local objections raised and that the Council was "studying" the matter???
    I'm told its coming from an ex-NS steam program person who doesn't want to see the Berk leave Roanoke??? Guess we'll just have to see how it plays out!
    Ross Rowland

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    Default response to news

    What the hell, the Ohio Central plans on restoring it and Ronake wants to keep it there and rust away. Unless they plan on restoring the engine which would be quite ironic considering if they plan on restoring one 611 is in much better condition, they should let the Ohio Central have it. Also how many berks ran in Virginia under NKP colors, Ohio is a berk state. This is stupid, its slowly sounding like another lost oppertunity for an engine to be restored.

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    hmmph, typical Roanoke. Where they enjoy their steam stuffed and mounted.

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    So True

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