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Thread: Fall Steam - Plandampf 2006, last Part 3 (68 p., 14 Videos)

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    Smile Fall Steam - Plandampf 2006, last Part 3 (68 p., 14 Videos)


    As conclusion of this series a lot of steam action (and I mean steam as it was much colder and wetter the last two days of Plandampf) and some modern trains at the very nice Frankfurt main station.

    Once more the map:

    23 042 with RB 34814 in the morning passing a temporary speed restriction at Reistenhausen-Fechenbach, Main valley, on the Wertheim - Miltenberg line, 2. 10. 2006
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0635.avi (2 MB)

    An idyllic morning at the Main River shore with "El Nino"

    23 058 with RegionalExpress 4921 from Aschaffenburg to Heilbronn at the same spot into the other direction
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0636.avi (1,7 MB)

    23 042 with transfer passenger coach train after a walk towards Wertheim
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0637.avi (1,8 MB)

    Now I wanted to climb some old unused terraces along the slopes of Main Valley, sadly they were rigidly fenced off. Thankfully there was some hiking path around them with a tiny spot between the trees where you had a view down the valley...

    64 419 with freight and Main valley view
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0638.avi (1,8 MB)

    On the way back to Reistenhausen-Fechenbach the 38 came with a freight train. At the same spot was also a man mowing some lawn who just took a short break for taking a picture...

    38 3199 with freight
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0639.avi (1,5 MB)

    At Stadtprozelten my train back to Wertheim crossed the weekdaily train with oversized freight. In earlier times this train was pulled by steam and also much more used. However, even today it is very interesting - seeing a subway being pulled by a class 225 diesel through this old Main Valley station is plainly weird!

    Old and new next to each other at Wertheim station

    The three from the steam loco

    Although Wertheim was situated extremely nice along the Main I preferred Gamburg and der Tauber where I met some already well known railfans.

    23 042 with RB 19562 at Gamburg an der Tauber on the Tauber railway Lauda - Wertheim
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0640.avi (800 KB)

    At Gamburg the passenger crossed with the 64 and freight

    Gamburg station itself was also very nice

    Now 23 042 brought me "home" to Tauberbischofsheim

    Just a few meters to the hotel weren't bad as rain started now and would practically hold on also for the whole next day.

    As final scene of the third Plandampf-day 38 passed Tauberbischofsheim station. Not exactly on the track I had hoped for, but this didn't mean you couldn't take good photos.

    Next morning it rained quite heavily and temperature had dropped to about 12°, at least I had steam right at my doorstep: 23 042 brought RB 19534 to Tauberbischofsheim, where the train reversed

    With the last regular steam train RB 19537 I went to Markelsheim, from now on there would be only photo specials without passengers. The locos were going to pass some parts of the line several times and slowly work their way towards Crailsheim.

    Despite of the rain I went into the nearby vineyards at Markelsheim.

    64 419 with freight near Markelsheim on the Lauda - Crailsheim line, because of the weather all videos on that day very taken with the old camera. How spot on can this white bus roll into the picture?
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0641.avi (1,6 MB)

    23 058 with passenger departing Markelsheim
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0642.avi (1,7 MB)

    Waiting for departure...

    38 3199 with freight
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0643.avi (1,9 MB)

    The next station was Laudenbach, featuring a station hut with quite explicit scriptures - well, at least I had some entertainment for the wait.

    38 3199 with freight thundering through Laudenbach
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0644.avi (600 KB)

    Two hours at Landenbach station hut were enough, now I visited the bigger station Niederstetten where 38 was just taking a break

    23 058 departing Niederstetten with freight
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0645.avi (1,5 MB)

    Old German Bundesbahn ad at Niederstetten

    Here you can see how heavily it rained

    On to the last Plandampf-spot at Schrozberg. Until now I only got a little wet, but walking around in open space for some time considerably worsened the situation. At least I could leave my baggage with the station masters at Markelsheim, Niederstetten and Schrozberg, really very friendly!

    64 419 with freight and great steam cloud near Schrozberg
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0646.avi (1,3 MB)

    38 3199 with freight departing Schrozberg
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0647.avi (1,5 MB)

    23 058 and 042 with passenger at Schrozberg with sudden end - the umbrella and trousers are definitely not mine... ;-)
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0648.avi (1,6 MB)

    Now I could finally warm up, at first at Schrozberg station waiting room along with some British railfans who also went by train. I had a direct train to Aschaffenburg and the more than 2 hour train ride was greatly appreciated. However, I still had the problem of completely soaked shoes which led to the invention of very stylish plastic bag oversocks. Being dry was definitely a priority as I still had to catch the night train to Vienna that same evening.
    From Aschaffenburg to Frankfurt main station it was just a short ride.

    Fascinated I took some pictures before getting dinner, of course with available light and freehand. Since platforms and signs were brightly lit I could even use f/4,5 which provides better quality than 2,8.

    EC 24 Budapest - Vienna - Dortmund with ÖBB 1116.022 at the front end just arrived next to this 143

    ICE 1897 from Berlin Ostbahnhof terminates here

    Signs dominate the scenery

    You could have just superimposed that writing...

    Of course I took pictures of as many class 420 EMUs as possible, you never know how long they will be around...

    ICE 912 to Dortmund departing with Dutch NS ICE3-rake "Amsterdam"

    Finally I took a 420 to the airport regional station, where you could wait quite warm und comfortably. I already had been here in August 2002 waiting for the EuroNight from Brussels delayed by floods. Some long distance trains stop here to avoid the terminal main station.
    This October I took EN 325/229 from Dortmund back to Vienna.

    I hope you liked the reports!

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Thanks a million for sharing, you put a lot of effort into you post.
    A bad day of train chasing is better than a good day at work!
    Check out my shots at.

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    Thumbs up

    WOW !! That's about all I can say !!

    EXCELLENT photo tour, major thumbs up !!! Luuuuvvvvv all the steam action !!

    "Building a steam locomotive is just like eating an elephant, one bite at a time!!"

    |||||||//////__ __ __ __ __ The domino effect at work.

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    Splendid! Superb! Outstanding!

    What a wonderful series of photos. You are fortunate to have the opportunity to re-live the past. If only American railroads were as enlightened.

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    Thanks a lot, guys! :-)

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Just found this wonderful photo-essay! Absolutely beautiful.

    The rain actually makes some great photographs! The night time photography is masterful.

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    these shots are AMAZING!!
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