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Thread: Fall Steam - Plandampf 2006, Part 1 (70 p., 8 Videos)

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    Smile Fall Steam - Plandampf 2006, Part 1 (70 p., 8 Videos)


    The films need the XviD-Codec, download here:

    About a month ago I took a short holiday to enjoy some fall steam:

    Destination was "Plandampf"-event "Steam Clouds between Odenwald and Hohenlohe", where four steam locos were used for regular and photo trains on four days. "Plandampf" means that regular trains usually consisting of modern rolling stock are replaced by nostalgic rakes running at almost the same schedule and regular fare.

    As orientational aid I sketched a map showing places mentioned in the reports, green lines represent unelectrified routes with Plandampf action, red lines indicate electrified main lines:

    Of course once more I used public transport, among that also 10 times steam trains with all available locos!
    On thursday, 28. 9., evening I left Vienna by EuroNight 228/324 to Aschaffenburg. Since arrival time was scheduled at 3:22 a.m. I didn't mind some delay caused by replacement of a faulty couchette coach (thankfully the one next to mine ). It still was quite a long wait at Aschaffenburg in the morning.

    Night train: my recently renewed ÖBB couchette coach

    Impressions of waiting commuter trains at 4 a.m., Aschaffenburg

    At first I explored part of the lines with steam traction in the following days using modern trains.
    Walldürn, the center of attraction that weekend, still presented itself quite sleepy.

    At Seckach the line from Miltenberg, so called "Madonnenland"-line, joins S-Bahn line 1 Kaiserslautern - Mannheim - Heidelberg - Osterburken

    Contrasts of radical modernization versus old station bulding

    Osterburken is another important junction

    Former steam-mekka Lauda

    I took accomodation in a hotel right next to Tauberbischofsheim station, a good choice since it proved to be a central vantage point for the next days.
    After a short shopping stroll, during which this photo was taken, I finally could catch up with some sleep in my hotel room...

    ... as I had had to get up early next morning (Saturday, 30. 9.). That day there was a bus connection to Walldürn, here at sunset during layover at Hardheim

    At Walldürn the nostalgic program could at last start, eagerly the arrival of the steam trains was awaited. Sadly two locos, 64 491 and nostalgic diesel 212 084 (V100), were broken and couldn't be used for the whole event.

    64 419 battles the last grade to Walldürn station with RegionalBahn 18463 from Miltenberg

    23 042 almost arrived at the same time with the train from Seckach. Other than regular trains, the steam trains reversed at Walldürn, so there always was enough shunting action to keep people entertained.

    Departure from Walldürn with RB 18413 to Seckach, right on time at 9:08 a.m. Now the space to take pictures already got very sparse due to immense crowds of photographers...

    Time to get out into the countryside inside RB 18414 to Miltenberg behind 64 419, here at the much-visited "photo-curve" which will be investigated more thoroughly in the next part of the report.

    64 419 with RegionalBahn 18417 at Breitendiehl
    Film: http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0621.avi (1,5 MB)

    Strangely, Y-ties were used here out of no apparent reason (normally used for example inside tunnels after electrification to get the maximum height clearance, or for better stability in curves).
    Also: why are these kids playing so much better than the Austrian soccer team? ;D

    This oldtimer of a railfan is very welcome as a prop

    Apple harvest

    23 042 with RB 18418
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0622.avi (1 MB)

    At Breitendiehl station with RB 18465, now sprint, get in...

    ... and catch it again after getting out at Amorbach.

    Exactly the second as the signal fell back

    Amorbach station

    and lovely Amorbach with an aftertaste of church influence

    23 042 leaves Amorbach with RB 18466
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0623.avi (3,3 MB)

    That's Plandampf - old guys with ski goggles or diving masks hanging out of every window!

    Sometimes you ask yourself which direction evolution took with railfans... ;D

    Nicely smoking RB 18429

    Back at Walldürn

    23 058 on the ramp after Hainstadt with RB 18458
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0624.avi (2,3 MB)

    23 058 with RB 18459, perfect to test the speed of sound!
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0625.avi (4,6 MB)

    64 419 with photo passenger, with very pleasant guy on the soundtrack ;-)
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0626.avi (2,8 MB)

    64 419 at dusk
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0627.avi (1,3 MB)

    A very cool guy

    23 058 with RB 18460, still at Hainstadt
    http://www.raildata.info/zeug/fhda0628.avi (1,6 MB)

    And I took the last train to Seckach...

    in darkness - sadly I couldn't borrow my headlamp to the conductor

    Steam through the night

    More night photos and day two in the next part!

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Thank You

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    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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    Roni -

    My Gosh Man...... I wish you would post more often! Each picture in this post is its own postcard. You’re very creative with an eye for lines. Each shot with an exposure portraying a certain mood, or feeling. I like all the reflections as well – again, very creative. You should make Mercedes, or perhaps fine liquor, or expensive perfume Ads.... So many of the pictures make me wish I was there. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    In so many shots it looks like you are the only one around. Where there other rail fans out?
    - Rosco

    RailroadForums.com Moderator

    - Trackside-Photography.com -

    - My Railpictures.net -

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    Thanks again!
    Don't worry, there will be much more reports to come. I just didn't post any photos recently because I am still working on my new website and don't want the work to post everything several times.

    And believe me, the event was extremely crowded...
    Innovative spots and some Photoshop help in most cases!

    Up-to-date on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raildata_info @raildata_info
    Roni's trip reports and videos:


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