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Thread: Bad Order

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    Default Bad Order

    This is a photo from April 2005 that I recently re-discovered.
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    I see plenty b/o tags just like that one at work. They are put on the car when the carman does his inbound inspection with information filled in as to what FRA defect he has found.
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    Well i live here in charlestown,indiana and i live close to a repair shop for freight cars and i see bright yellowish green tags that say DO NOT USE! so its nothing new around here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amtrak851
    ...so its nothing new around here
    Yes, a bad order tag is nothing new just about everywhere.
    But this isn't a LWIS photo.

    I posted it because I felt the shadows, backlighting of the card, precise control of DOF, and the rusty textures made a particularly pleasing photo, especially considering that I lucked-out by having the card read correctly in it's current position.

    But if I have to explain it, it didn't 'work'.
    That's cool.
    RRF Gallery: Keith 55
    My PhotoBlog: Views Of Texas

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    when it gets to the shop .. that paint chip in the reporting mark will be touched up and it will be released and they will say well thats all fixed .... meanwhile ignoring the crapped out brakes ...the reason it went there in the first place lol

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    Could make a good series of pics (dyptich? sp?). You need another one with a defect card. And possibly another one with a mechanic doing some repairs. Just a thought.
    Certainly not the more glamorous side of railroading, but definitely a part of it.
    Don't ask me, I just work here.

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