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Thread: Feather River Canyon (Route Help)

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    Default Feather River Canyon (Route Help)

    Hey guys, in a couple of weeks, I'll be in Portola, California on a Northern California roadtrip. I'll be railfanning the Feather River canyon between Portola and Oroville, California. Does any body have any great photo locations or railfanning tips for the canyon between Portola and Oroville? Directions to these photo locations will be HIGHLY APPRECIATED. Suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks. I'll be posting more route helps in the next few days so be prepared.
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    Clio Viaduct, Keddie Wye, basically the whole route. The route is failry easy to photograph, as it is just across the river from the highway (70) and never really sneaks away (the only places it requires driving off the road is outside of Oroville and West of Portola to Blairsden. I suggest taking a trip down the canyon to find spots and make notes of them. Then do the serious fanning. For a note: if you are one to chase trains, it can take up to 5 hours to go from Portola to Oroville. I chased the UP 1983 through the canyon with a friend of mine (Macster,) and it took the majority of the day. Also, traffic in the canyon can be booming (train after train lined up in and out of Portola) to very few.

    Regarding Clio Viaduct:
    I suggest using topo maps and road maps to find the Clio Viaduct. Here it is pinpointed on mapquest:

    Travel east on Lower Main until it turns North, and you can't miss it. Its the really big bridge!

    Finding Keddie wye shouldn't be to hard to find if your travelling WB on 70 as well.
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    Yeah, Keedie Wye is a great location to watch. The Canyon gets alot of BNSF traffic off of the wye. But Seth is right, traffic and be boom or bust. Also they tend to fleet traffic, so you'll get 3 or so in a row, then a long strech of nothing. Also if you are up for the hunt, there is a loop east of Quincy, but you'll have to hike for that.
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